8 Änderungen, die Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Go von gut zu großartig machen

▷8 changes that will turn Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Go from good to great ✔️ WM

▷8 changes that will turn Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Go from good to great ✔️ WM

When it comes to Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Something of a consensus seems to be emerging: the latest main games have a solid foundation at every level, addictive gameplay and a surprisingly moving story; but they also run horribly, have regular glitches, and their looks leave a lot to be desired.

We’ll address that, for sure. But we’ll also take a look at what Scarlet & Violet has to offer on the purely non-technical side. There’s a damn good monster catching video game here, but we’ve thought of a few things that could give Paldea an extra boost on its journey to greatness.

Non-Snorlax performance

Image: t_a_b_e_r_u

Here’s the Copperajah in the room. Pokemon Scarlet & Violet can’t walk well at all. It’s telling that the majority of reviewers seem to base their ratings by considering what they like about the games and then addressing what they don’t like, with most of the latter part excluding the horrible frame rate, multitude of faults and the problems associated with them.

And yes, these games aren’t eye-catchers either. The good art style (more on that in a second) does as much as it can, but to put it mildly, Paldea doesn’t look current-gen. The Switch may be showing its age, but we’ve seen better from basically every other major Nintendo franchise, let alone other Pokemon games on the Switch.

Hopefully Game Freak will address as much of this issue as possible. In their current form, Scarlet & Violet feels like they’re being held together by duct tape and a prayer. Now for all the secondary stuff.

better buildings

The settlements of Paldea are extensive and correspondingly diverse. This is mainly due to the graphic style. From treehouse cafes to intricate hedge mazes, even the first two gym badges give you a few reasons to marvel at the good city designs. It really speaks to their quality that we love the look of these locations despite the game’s mediocre graphics.

But do you remember the time when we could go into every building in every city? We don’t expect that much here. The size of the cities in Paldea would make it an extremely difficult proposition when Game Freak is obviously struggling to achieve certain aspects of quality ahead of release. And Mesagoza is particularly large; even Black & White’s Castelia City didn’t leave us hanging around in almost every apartment.

And nevertheless, there just aren’t enough buildings to enter in Scarlet. & Violet, and most of them are really just menu screens for cafes and shops. Hey, at least it’s a step up from Sword. & Shield where the art was just as good but most of the towns were much smaller.

Complex caves

It has been said that Pokemon has shed a lot of its JRPG skin over time and has become more and more of a “Pokemon game” in comparison. What people mean by that is that many RPG elements, like zones that feel like actual dungeons, are essentially gone. In the 3DS generations we’ve seen a lot less, and in the Switch generations these dungeons don’t exist at all.

We know that not every die-hard Pokemon fan misses the dungeons. Mondberg, Felsentunnel, Victory Road and similar post-Kanto hotspots. But to be honest, we do. Getting out of these labyrinthine places is a sense of accomplishment.

Imagine if the caves and forest areas in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet were half as complex. Combining that kind of approach with the open world would feel like, well, the best of both worlds.

let’s just jump

This is a smaller game, but sometimes it’s the little things in life that get you. In Scarlet & Violet, you must mount your mount to jump over each obstacle. Of course, this makes sense for larger gaps. We don’t want our little heroes to be able to jump huge distances.

The problem occurs when Places like cities often have items that can be grabbed on the other side of fences, knee high bushes and the like. Just one jump, that’s all we need, and then we won’t look so weird anymore when we transform into Miraidon or Koraidon for two seconds.

Mega unlikely chaos

Not everyone loved Pokemon X & Y’s Mega Evolution Mechanics, although some fans value the idea higher than Z-Moves or Gigantamax. Surely Terastallization won’t dethrone the idea either. It’s not that any of this is bad, but it’s just a shame that they pop up one generation only to be wiped out the next.

What we like about Megas is that like Gigantamax, but with a larger number of representative species, they morph into forms that feel appropriately “next level”. This was Game Freak’s cunning way of circumventing thr.ee’s evolutionary rule; Mega Swampert feels like Swampert’s own evolution, and so on.

For once, we’d appreciate the chance to startle an opposing Pokemon Ace’s Terastallization with Mega Mewtwo X. Just the thought of these sixth-gen powerhouses on the Nintendo Switch makes your mouth water.

A towering good time

For the good old days, let’s go through the list. Under pokemon emerald, the massive (and massively impressive) Battle Frontiers had a whopping seven different facilities. There was the Battle Factory, the Battle Arena, the Battle Pyramid, the Battle Dome, the Battle Pike, the Battle Palace and, oh yes, the BattleTower.

The battlefront returned in Pokemon Platinum and HeartGold. & SoulSilver is back, downsized slightly but just as fun as before. And then .not so much. The Battle Tower, with numerous themed names such as Battle Maison and Battle Tree. Even Pokemon Sword & Shield, flimsy as they are, launched with their own Battle Tower.

State of things, Pokemon Crimson & Violet are the first mainline generation games to not have a fighting option. Not only are they a great post-game challenge, but they also serve as an excellent training ground to test competition strategies. The games just aren’t the same without them.

The fool that lurks

There is Blue a brutally effective tyrant who eventually falls from grace is a beautiful sight. There is Silver the son of a crime lord, a thief who doesn’t care about his Pokemon’s feelings, only victory. Either way, these idiot rivals get great story arcs that culminate in the realization that life would be easier if they played nice for a change.

Most of the rivals in Pokemon’s sequel games weren’t jerks at all. They are thoroughly friends, occasionally competing with each other, but they are never overtly hostile. Defeating these friendly characters feels rather hollow in comparison, as it’s a friendly fight and not about proving your way of life against that of a ruthless punk.

Props for Sword & Shield for bede. He is in no way inferior to the first two, even if the story that surrounds him is not as compelling. But Scarlet & Violet misses a step with Nemona. Well, we like Nemona and we wouldn’t want her gone, but there’s still room for a Blue-like that just thunders and takes offense. Until he isn’t anymore.

Another crowning achievement

Pokemon X & Y were a bit flimsy compared to their predecessors. This also applies to Pokemon Sword & Shield. Simply put, there just isn’t that much content, especially in the postgame. But Sword & Shield got a chance to improve on the base model with an expansion pass that brought us some massive new gameplay in Isle of Armor and even more goodness (and a very worthy postgame vibe) in The Crown Tundra.

Scarlet & Violet, in their starting state, have more content than either of these two instances, although they do fall apart at the technical seams. An expansion pass doesn’t seem that ‘necessary’ to me, per se. But what if it gave us some of the things we mentioned earlier?

A Scarlet & Purple Expansion Pass might feature a Battle Tower included, for example, and while there’s something against selling something separately that’s normally part of the package, it would still be a nice addition. Maybe we’ll even get a new region. Miniature versus Paldea, mind you – we’re not being unrealistic! – but something of the size of Isle of Armor, albeit with a detailed dungeon or two? Very beautiful.

Come what may, we hope to see Pokemon Scarlet. & improve purple. There’s a lot to love here, but plenty of opportunity for more.

▷8 changes that will turn Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Go from good to great ✔️ WM

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