▷Beyond Good and Evil 2 is said to be tested 14 years after the first hint ✔️ WM

▷Beyond Good and Evil 2 is said to be tested 14 years after the first hint ✔️ WM

Ubisoft’s Beyond Good and Evil 2 could become one of those long-running jokes. The joke about a game that’s been in development for so long that it’s become synonymous with something that might never see the light of day. There have been contenders for this dubious title before, such as B. Duke Nukem Forever, which was joked about (“Yes, we’ll see Half-Life 3 when Duke Nukem Forever comes out”), but this game actually saw the light of day.

However, the sequel to the PS2 game Beyond Good and Evil is being worked on and is apparently still in “early development”. That’s according to s cited by Insider Gaming, who indicate that external and internal playtesting continued over the summer.

“Images and video provided to Insider Gaming on anonymity and on condition that the images will not be made public indicate that the game has likely been updated since the pre-alpha demo walkthrough shown in 2018; rebooted, as none of them show the same level of detail,” the site reports.

They go on to report that the images and footage show “bare planets with blocked building structures” and that the details are of very low quality, as if the game were being played on an extremely low setting. But the spaceships look like the ones flying around in the 2018 trailer. In their estimation, the game seems to be at least a couple of years away from release.

The first trailer for Beyond Good and Evil 2 was released on May 30th, 2008. There was a long gap and a decade later, a pre-alpha demo was shown at E3 2018 that showed off features that didn’t bear much resemblance to the initial announcement. The game received the unfortunate distinction this year of holding the record for the longest time between its announcement and release.

Ubisoft briefly commented on the report to Insider Gaming, saying that development is ongoing and the team is “working hard to fulfill the ambitious promise”.

▷Beyond Good and Evil 2 is said to be tested 14 years after the first hint ✔️ WM

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