▷Dead by Daylight: Vittorio Toscano Best Builds and How to Play ✔️ WM

▷Dead by Daylight: Vittorio Toscano Best Builds and How to Play ✔️ WM

Through the years, Dead by daylight seen many new survivors and killers. While each killer is released with their special ability, the survivors aren’t that different from each other. Aside from the teachable perks, you can use any survivor you want and get the same experience. You can also unlock a Survivor’s teachable perks on any other Survivor.

Vittorio Toscano is the 34th Survivor released in-game along with Chapter 26 and the Knight. Ever since he was unveiled, the community has been eagerly awaiting this beautifully crafted character. Just like every other character in the game, Vittorio comes with his three teachable perks.

An introduction to Vittorio Toscano

Born into a family that wanted him to receive military training from a knight, Vittorio Toscano had a different perspective on life. During his training he refused to use violence and believed that any problem can be solved with intellect and discussion. and that violence is used only by cowards.

When his coach tried to attack him with his flanks, Vittorio refused to fight back. Eventually, the coach got angry and tried to attack Toscano himself. This ended with the trainer accidentally stabbing himself and Vittorio vowed never to pick up a sword again. He devoted himself to studying ancient runes and artifacts with his uncle.

When they were about to make a breakthrough Vittorio hired Tarhos (the knight) but was betrayed and imprisoned by him. He was about to succumb to his death when a mist formed around him and took him to the entity’s realm, which is not the paradise he had imagined.

Perk synergies with potential energy

Survivors don’t get many generator-related perks, but when they do, they’re pretty unique. Potential energy allows you to stockpile repair progress and use it at any time. Repairing a specific generator for eight seconds without stopping will activate potential energy.

Once activated, you can press the active ability button two to finish repairing generator and refill progress. You gain a counter on this ability for every 1.5 percent of repair progress, and you can stack up to 20 counters. Once you have more than one tile, you can press the same button to consume all the tiles and immediately give the generator some progress.

You only get one percent progression for each token, while you need 1.5 percent progression to get that token. That means you’ll miss out on some of the progression if you use this perk. You also lose all your counters if you lose a health condition in any way.

Aside from that, Perks like Flashbang or Wiretap don’t work when using potential energy. Progression on these perks will stop once you start stacking your repair progress, but you’ll get some progress immediately if you throw in the tokens.

Here are a few perk synergies you can try with Potential Energy:

Hyper Focus Sprint Push Fast Track Overzealous

Each time you get a great skill check with Hyper Focus, the perk gets a token. Each token you own increases the repair progress you can receive by 30 percent of its base value. You can still earn Skill Checks by accumulating Potential Energy advances. These skill checks count as hyperfocus and you can easily get 20 tokens if you get enough skillchecks. However, you will lose some tokens if you miss the skill check.
At this point, it’s a known fact that some generators can spawn in outright dead zones, making them dangerous to repair. If you’re trying to get this perk’s stacks onto one of these generators, you’ll need a way to escape the area when the killer comes without getting hurt. Sprint Burst lets you run at 150 percent speed whenever you want for a few seconds, allowing you to get to a nearby loop when the killer comes.
Speaking of fast generator progression, Fast Track gives you three tokens every time one of your teammates is hooked. If you do a great skill check on a generator, all of those tokens will be consumed, each giving you a percentage of generator progress. If you have the maximum possible tiles for “Fast Trace” and “Potential Energy”, you can immediately get 47 percent of the generator progress. Since this is quite difficult to achieve, one can use these two advantages more and more dynamically in a game.
Every time you purify a totem, you gain an 8% increase in your generator repair speed, doubling when you cleanse a Hex Totem. This boost is also deactivated when you lose a health condition, increasing synergy with Potential Energy.

Perk synergies with Mist Sage

Whenever you get a great skill check while repairing a generator, Misty Sage allows you to see the killer’s aura for six seconds. Normally you would expect a perk like this to have a cooldown, but “Mistwise” has none. Ideally, if you’re lucky, you can see the killer the entire time you’re working on a generator.

the Undetectable status effect prevents the killer’s aura from being revealed. Stealth killers like Ghostface, Michael Myers, and The Pig can easily counter this perk. In addition, some perks also make the killer untraceable.

The synergies with Fogwise are limited, but they can greatly affect the effect of the perk:

Hyper focus object of obsession staking out

It looks like the devs wanted some synergistic perks with hyper focus when considering Vittorio’s teachables. Both Hyper Focus and Misty Sage provide an incentive to do a good skill check. Also, for each stack of Hyper Focus, you gain an additional four percent chance to get a Skill Check, even if the skill check is faster as a result.
While not exactly in synergy with Fogwise, it may help you if the killer tunnels another survivor. Whenever you get a good skill check with Misty Sage, the killer can also see you repairing the generator thanks to Possessed Object. Even if he plans to tunnel a specific survivor, will this be an incentive for them to disturb you at the generator.
This perk turns your good skill check into a great skill check if you have a token for it, and you can get up to four tokens if you stay within the killer’s terror radius without being detected. This makes maintaining Fogwise’s value much easier, especially if you’re also using Hyper Focus.

Misty Sage and Potential Energy are Vittorio’s two perks that also work well together. You can obtain the Aura of Revelation from Misty Sage if you get a Great Skill Check while stacking Generator Repair progress with Potential Energy. Also, toolboxes are a great addition to Fogwise.

Perk synergies with Swift Gambit

This perk is perfect for people who are confident in their chases, but it’s no good if you don’t know how to get the best out of palettes and windows. Swift Gambit increases the repair speed of Survivors within 24 meters of your location when you are being chased by the Killer.

The perk requires you to spend most of your time on a specific tile in order for it to pay off since you either disturbing people working on a generator or moving out of range when leaving the tile.

It’s pretty hard to take advantage of Quick Gambit itself, and you also have no way of finding out how much the advantage affected your play. However, there are a few perks that can change that:

Tie Hard to take window of opportunity

Binding reveals all your teammates within 36 meters of your location. You can use this information to figure out which tile to loop on. if you want to get a quick gambit score.
Since you will most likely stay on a tile for a long time, you might need an extra health condition to keep from going under. Dead Hard also makes you greedier with palettes since you have a second chance.
While you can see your teammates when using Bond, one must also be able to find snares around them. Window of Opportunity reveals all nearby palettes and windows, allowing you to loop efficiently.

Vittorio Toscano’s knowledge-based structure

The lore based build for Vittorio is very interesting due to his diverse background and you will get the true experience of this character with this build:

Perk Name Reason for use

Tough When Vittorio fought his trainer’s attacks, he dodged them perfectly without hitting back. Even if the blow did hit him, Toscano was able to parry it. Dead Hard allows you to negate a killer’s attack if you do it at the right time.
Instinct of the Raider Vittorio has always had a keen interest in studying ancient artifacts and discovering mysteries of the world. With his experience in finding hidden runes, it’s only fair that he sees the auras of the various chests in the trial.
Low Profile He has long refused to give up, even when he was captured by Tarhos. Its low profile allows it to lose its claw marks, pools of blood, and cries of pain. when he is the only healthy or injured survivor in the trial as he refuses to give up.
relationship Even when his uncle died after being bitten by a venomous snake, Vittorio was determined to carry on his uncle’s legacy because of his bond with him. This makes the Kinship perk perfect for the last slot.

▷Dead by Daylight: Vittorio Toscano Best Builds and How to Play ✔️ WM

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