▷Dota 2: The 10 best soft supports ✔️ WM

▷Dota 2: The 10 best soft supports ✔️ WM

Soft support, better known as position four, is a flexible role in Dota 2. Starting offlane, they can move around and pressure other lanes by ganking and completing objectives. Then they can become a semi-carry or initiator or support the team with consumables.

Because soft supports can fill a variety of potential roles, they have a diverse hero roster that they can customize to suit the needs of the team. Also, the average bar game is vastly different from a coordinated pro game, and chances are the supports will pick first. So the best soft supports not only have to live up to expectations for their role, but also fit into any potential pub draft.

10/10 rubicks

Rubick is one of the most fun heroes in Dota 2. As a support, he’s designed to intimidate and eliminate enemy cores – shifting their position with Telekinesis and reducing their damage with Fade Bolt. Rubick’s passive, Arcane Supremacy, increases his spell damage and range of effect, making him a backline nuisance.

Rubick is best known for his ability to steal enemy spells and even steal the passives associated with the ability. The Grand Magus increases the effectiveness of any spell it catches with its instant cast time. Rubick is a great soft support, but he’s not the best first choice.

9/10 Skywrath Mage

When it comes to wiping out a single target, there’s no better support for the job than Skywrath Mage. All of his abilities are geared towards dealing damage at long range. The hero can melt through most of the roster, especially when enabled by Ancient Sigil to receive more spell damage.

Skywrath Mage is a selfish support who only knows how to slaughter enemies. He’s excellent at his job, but if you need more utility, you might want to look elsewhere.

8/10 Hoodwink

Hoodwink is an insidious, elusive squirrel who will assist you from the tree line. It can corner enemies with Bushwhack, push shot lanes with Acorn, and sneak out of the conflict with Scurry. Hoodwink’s Ultimate is a powerful ranged ability and one of the few abilities in the game that causes passive abilities to be interrupted and disabled.

Hoodwink’s greatest strength is that she is extremely difficult to catch. You can collect decent gold by farming the sidelines from the tree trunks. And you’ll need farming as her new abilities, which she gains from Aghanim’s Scepter and Shard, increase her catching potential.

7/10 snapshot

Snapfire is a threat in the laning phase because it deals high burst damage and has a versatile stun that can also be used to save allies. Lil’ Shredder also allows for physical line-ups due to his innate armor damage. Her melee allies will appreciate her kit, especially when she gains her shard to hurl them further.

Mortimer’s Kisses is a disruptive ultimate as it causes the opposing team to football with the fiery orbs or die from the damage. Snapfire is best when you need backup to deal damage and secure kills.

6/10 movement

Clockwerk has an oppressive laning phase where you can easily get the first hit. He keeps the pressure going throughout the game, as he can hookshot instantly to isolated opponents. Battery Assault and Power Cogs can hold down an enemy or even kill them.

Clockwerk is an effective initiator due to his superior vision with Rocket Flare. As soft support, you can afford the luxury of clinging to an important goal and swapping their lives for yours.

5/10 Tiny

Tiny is one of the safest heroes to open with as he can be used on all reels. He’s best as a soft support as he doesn’t require any items for his incredible burst damage. A wandering Tiny is a terrifying sight for the enemy team as you can toss cores into dangerous positions.

Tiny deals great damage and can flash efficiently, allowing him to quickly purchase life-saving items. He’s best against squishy heroes with minimal escape skills, like Shadow Fiend or Lina.

4/10 earth shaker

You can put Earthshaker in any setup and he will stun the enemy team for days. Fissure is a reliable long-distance stun spell that leaves behind impassable terrain that is particularly good at isolating and blocking enemies. The Totem and Aftershock enchantment gives Earthshaker significant damage, especially if he can chain his abilities up close.

Echo Slam is a flashy ultimate that can single-handedly win a team fight when opponents are clenched. However, don’t fall into the trap of mistaking it for six million dollar slam dunks. You should use Echo Slam frequently to get important kills.

3/10 tuskar

As a soft support, constantly moving around is Tuskar’s only job. Ice Shards can take out enemies that don’t have the ability to traverse rough terrain. It’s a powerful ability that allows him to block from long range or follow up after an attack. Snowball is Tuskar’s trusty initiation tool, which he can also use to bring his allies to the front lines.

Tuskar’s signature Walrus Strike is a high-damage stun strike with negligible cooldown. It can also penetrate effects that are immune to spells, such as Black Kingbar. In teamfights, Tuskar can single-handedly kill most supports if your team doesn’t need the extra crowd control against their cores.

2/10 Marci

Marci is another comfortable first choice as she can dominate as both core and support. But her ultimate is so powerful that you don’t need any items to duel everyone on the opposing team. Unleash makes you a real threat, and the only “assist” you have to provide is to kill their cores before they hurt yours.

Knockback and Dispose’s fast ranged attacks remain a serious kill threat from start to finish. In addition, Sidekick is a powerful damage steroid that also grants revitalizing life support to your partner.

1/10 Mirana

Mirana is an independent soft support that can stun enemies from afar for five seconds. However, Holy Arrow is a precision skill hit, so it’s better if your allies have a setup to get a guaranteed stun. You can also earn gold with Holy Arrow and Starstorm, which she can use to buy semi-carry items or more useful items like Lotus Ball.

Moonlight Shadow is a powerful ultimate as it grants invisibility to all allies on the map. It can be used pre-emptively to get into blind spots to rescue teammates, or in the middle of a teamfight for movement bonuses.

▷Dota 2: The 10 best soft supports ✔️ WM

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