God Of War Ragnarok Direktor schließt möglichen DLC aus

▷God Of War Ragnarok director rules out possible DLC ✔️ WM

▷God Of War Ragnarok director rules out possible DLC ✔️ WM

If you’re someone who’s experienced everything God of War Ragnarok has to offer and you’re longing for more, I have bad news for you. Despite the game’s open ending, director Eric Williams has all but ruled out the game getting any form of DLC, meaning the Norse saga is officially over.

Williams dropped this bombshell during a God of War Ragnarok spoilercast where he was being questioned by fans. At the very end of the video, Williams is asked if Ragnarok will get DLC, although God of War (2018) didn’t get one. Williams responds that Ragnarok is already a pretty big game and tells fans not to expect any additional content in the near future.

“I don’t know, man, the game is big,” Williams replies. “I think we put everything we had into it, so I wouldn’t count on it.”

Williams is definitely not wrong when he says that God of War Ragnarok is “pretty big”. Personally, I’ve put in just over 40 hours in Ragnarok, and I still have end-game side quests and collectibles to complete. However, it’s quite surprising that there don’t seem to be any plans to continue the Ragnarok storyline a bit given how the game actually ends. Be aware that there are major spoilers for the end of the game. so get out now if you’re still trying to avoid them.

Those of you still here will know that Kratos does indeed break fate at the end and very well stays intact at the end of Ragnarok, despite his death being prophesied at the end of God of War (2018). He does this by acting against his nature and sparing Thor and Odin and Atreus making his own decisions and fighting for himself. This all leads to Kratos and Atreus splitting up, while the latter sets out with Angrboda to find the last of the giants.

That could have been potential DLC on its own, but then Kratos discovers another prophecy that portrays him as a beloved god worshiped by many. He then sets out to rebuild the Nine Realms with Freya and Mimir after the events of Ragnarok. Both characters clearly have more work to do and are going their own ways to make it happen, so it’s quite surprising that we won’t see their efforts unfold in a shorter DLC, although the potential is there.

God of War Ragnarok producer Cory Barlog has even hinted that there are still questions about the game’s ending, specifically Jormungandr’s time-traveling antics. Barlog says this is “a story for another game,” suggesting Santa Monica isn’t done with Norse mythology, but it could easily be explained in some DLC of sorts.

That said, it sounds pretty unlikely that we’ll be getting more God of War in the near future, and sadly we’ll have to wait many years before we can see how Kratos and Atreus have fared without the other. Hopefully they remembered their promise to each other.

▷God Of War Ragnarok director rules out possible DLC ✔️ WM

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