▷God of War Ragnarok: The Realms At War Walkthrough ✔️ WM

▷God of War Ragnarok: The Realms At War Walkthrough ✔️ WM

God of War Ragnarok God of War Ragnarok’s The Realms at War is a series of conflicts that escalate in a battle against the Allfather himself. There are no treasures to collect here. No ravens to see in the distance. You are not on an adventure. Your only task is to fight your way through hordes of enemies and mess with the gods themselves.

While this guide won’t help you find treasure or track down secrets, it will help you overcome some pretty tricky encounters. If you’re fighting some of these bosses and don’t want to lower the difficulty, we can give you the push you need to see these conflicts through to the end.

The Rich at War

Your adventure begins by traveling to Tyr’s Temple. Just like in the previous chapter, take the elevator on the left side of the bridge and go all the way up. Once there, you will see that a camp has been set up here. Travel to the end of the bridge and speak to Freya. You will see a series of cutscenes before finally entering the actual Temple of Tyr. They will then open the gateway to Asgard and emerge in Vigridr. Your first task now is to destroy the war machines. Freya will accompany you on this first stage.

We will only give a minimum of instructions in this guide, but it is an extremely linear stage. Most of the time you will be guided through ditches so it doesn’t really need much orientation.

The Wyverns

On your way through the trenches you will fight a few einherjar. Eventually, however, you’ll stumble into a slightly more open arena. Here you will encounter some of the tougher Einherjar variants as well as a Wyvern. This area is not very large and is lined with Einherjar. So your Blades of Chaos will be very effective because every swing is sure to hit someone.

With the wyverns, it’s best if you throw a few spears at them at the start of the fight. Then, when the wyvern takes to the air, detonate your spears to bring it back down. This is also a good time to use your Spartan Rage once you have it equipped, as the enemies are clustered densely enough that you should be able to hit several at once with your wild swings.

The Ogre and Fiske


You continue down the path, working your way through a few einherjar here and there before you get to another arena. This time you’ll meet the mid-boss from Vanaheim, Fiske, and an ogre. As the battle progresses, they are joined by more Einherjar. What are you going to do? Oh well, you will ignore all other enemies and focus on stunning the ogre. That’s your only goal. Then when you stun him you will ride him and crush everyone. Even the resilient Fiske will fall after a few smacks from the ogre. A no-brainer.

The Gradungr Battle As always, your Blades of Chaos are most effective when dealing with a large number of enemies.melee

The second group of Einherjar won’t be quite as overwhelming as the previous encounter, but there will be some archers to contend with that will attack you from above. Also, you will be attacked by a wyvern halfway. As before, use your Draupnir spear to keep the wyvern grounded by detonating the spears you thrust into it every time it tries to get airborne. Once you’ve finished off this group, you’ll work your way through a couple of Einherjar before confronting the mighty Thor.

Boss fight: Thor

Thor attacks you with a souped-up version of his moveset that you learned about at the start of the game. And he pretty much has everything he had in the first encounter. Here’s a quick synopsis of it all.

This includes a series of punches and a series of hammer swings. These punches are blockable. He also has a hammer combo that alternates between being totally unblockable (red meter) and parryable (amber meter). ). Thor has a huge Haymaker Punch where he coils up and then performs a powerful straight punch. This one can be parried, but if you miss the parry he will perform a damaging kick that is unavoidable.


Thor also has his hammer projectile side-dodge attacks, clap side-dodge attack, ground slam dodge, and grab dodge as well. Finally, Thor has the ability to summon his lightning bolt. All of these moves are taken straight from the first encounter with the God of Thunder!

Just like in the first encounter, Thor’s Ground Slam attack is shockingly fast. So if you see him raise his arms above his head, dodge him immediately. On the plus side, he seems to use the attack less frequently.

But Thor also has a new move in his first form. He jumps away from you and then throws his hammer at your feet. As soon as it hits the ground, the lightning will branch diagonally left and right. That means if you dodge to the side, you’ll roll straight into a bolt of lightning. As long as you dodge backwards, away from the hammer, you’re fine.


You should dodge his moves appropriately (as detailed above) and watch out for a few key attacks that make him particularly vulnerable.The first is his punch combination. This series of blows is slow, easy to parry, and gives you a good chance to deal damage. Just like in the first encounter, Thor is also incredibly vulnerable when calling lightning bolts from the sky. His huge slam attack and the second swing of his hammer combo can also be parried. So this is another opportunity to land a few punches if you’re feeling confident in your timing. In addition, when Thor is walking around, you have the chance to hit him with your ranged attacks.

Thor’s second form

Once you’ve removed a quarter of his life points, Thor will transition into his second form. Here it will pulse with electricity. You fight him in basically the same way, but he’s much faster when he gets to this stage of the fight. In this form, he can also teleport, so he jumps from side to side, making him harder to catch. He will also use this teleport to close the distance and perform his giant kick.

Thor gains a powerful attack that levitates him in the air before firing bolts of lightning in all directions. However, this is less of a problem than an opportunity to wreak havoc, for Thor floats in the air for quite a while, and he is absolutely vulnerable to your shield bash while doing this. This will be one of the main things you are looking for as it is easy to damage. In addition, you will look for the same attacks as in the first phase. Just be aware that his combo now ends with an unblockable hammer swing, so you’ll need to parry one of the first two swings.

Thor’s third form

Thor’s final form is the same as the second, but he now has a new way of summoning lightning from the sky. Instead of hitting the ground, he throws his hammer into the sky. The bolts will come down much faster with this move, but what’s worse, Thor will swoop down on you. Once Thor soars into the sky, you must dodge! This movement is fast. So you have to watch out for Thor and dodge as soon as he takes off. Thankfully, once he hits the ground, he’s vulnerable. So once you get used to this move, it becomes another opportunity to deal damage.

In the final stage, electrified dots appear on the ground. Sometimes Thor will stand on one of these while performing his great lightning attack, which levitates him in place. You have to shield him! Accept the small amount of damage you’ll take if you stand on one of these electrified spots in order to hit them with your shield slam. The alternative is much, much worse.

Aside from his new Blitz Attack, you’re still looking for the same moves to punish him. If he’s floating in the air, you should perform a shield slam and punish him. If he throws punches at you, you must parry and punish. When he claps, you should roll behind him and attack his back. You’ll still attack him when he swoops down from the sky, but he’ll now perform this move twice in a row, so watch out. In addition, you should hit him with missiles when he is at a distance. It can be a lot, but you will eventually defeat this thunder god. After a short cutscene, Atreus will join you and you’ll have to deal with the old one-eyed man himself.

Boss fight: Odin

3 picturesConclude

Odin takes a far less melee-heavy approach. It features a Bifrost projectile that starts out as three fireballs that converge and shoot towards you. Just dodge to the side when they converge. When Odin rises, he is about to rain a ray of frost on your head. So prepare to roll sideways. Odin also has an attack where he jabs his staff into the ground, creating a wave of Bifrost that shoots out of him. This is another attack that you should dodge to the side. In addition, he has an attack with his staff that can be parried, but you can also roll sideways to dodge him if you want. Finally, he has a two-hit staff combo. This attack is fairly slow and predictable. You can’t block him, but you can parry him. This is Odin’s only attack that you cannot dodge to the side.


As you’ve probably figured out, almost all of Odin’s attacks can be blocked by rolling sideways. Most of his attacks are imbued with Bifrost, so you’ll have to be wary of that, but that’s only an issue if you get hit, and if you remember to always dodge to the side, you’ll find that he doesn’t particularly like you often hits. You can do a lot of damage by hitting him with projectiles if he’s at range, though Your best chances are when he lunges at you with his staff attack or when he uses his two-hit staff combo. Both are easy to parry, and if you parry him, you can do a lot of damage. You also have Atreus back for this fight, so you can use his whole bag of tricks as well.

Odin’s second phase


In Odin’s second phase, he splits A good idea is to lock him down with one of Atreus’ summons so you can dish out massive damage. Once you’ve drained all of his life points, a cutscene will play and you’ll fight a whole new form of Odin. The good thing is that Freya will join you and Atreus in this final encounter.

Boss fight: Odin’s final form


While Odin shares a few moves with his previous form, this is a completely different fight. Let’s start with what is equal. He still has his staff attack with the lunge. Also, his two-hit staff attack is pretty much the same. However, he has a staff stab as a follow-up attack. This attack can also be parried. Odin also has his Bifrost projectile, but it’s significantly faster here. Similar to the previous fight, parrying his staff attacks will be a constant of damage for you.

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As for his new attacks, the Allfather now has a Bifrost whip combo. The combo consists of two horizontal sweeps of his whip. These must all be dodged. His whip combo sends a projectile your way with each swing, allowing him to cast it from close-up and at range. Similar to whip swings, you can dodge this missile by rolling sideways. Odin has another whip attack, swinging his whip above his head as a huge pool of Bifrost gathers beneath him. This is your chance to shield slam him and deal some damage. He has another projectile that sends a large pillar of Bifrost in a direct line. This is another attack that requires a side dodge.


Odin gains two new ranged attacks that his ravens take advantage of. One sends a swarm of them at you, you can parry this missile. The other raven attack makes Odin flee to the opposite side of the screen where he summons five orbs over his head (each made of ravens). You only have to destroy one with a projectile attack and Atreus and Freya will take care of the other four. Your Draupnir Spear is the best way to destroy one of these orbs. If you don’t hit one of the balls in time, they will follow you very slowly. Just destroy them when that happens.

If you get hit by the flock of ravens, you can shake them off by pressing the circle button. If you successfully shake them off when Odin is near you, the shockwave emanating from Kratos will stagger him.

Even though this all seems like a lot – and it is – you will defeat Odin in the same way as in the previous fight. You stay close to him, parrying his staff attacks, hitting him with your shield when he tries to use his gigantic Bifrost attack, and otherwise dodging to the side when he sends missiles your way. If you stick with him, you’ll find that you have a lot of opportunities to deal damage.

Odin’s final phase of his final form


Once you get Odin to half health he will start using his last phase. Odin will inevitably fall. Now all you have to do is sit back and relax. Enjoy the cutscenes and celebrate the fact that you defeated God of War Ragnarok. Not that there isn’t more to do, of course. But that, my friend, is a topic for another guide!

▷God of War Ragnarok: The Realms At War Walkthrough ✔️ WM

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