Gran Turismo 7-Update ermöglicht Spielern endlich den Verkauf von Autos

▷Gran Turismo 7 update finally allows players to sell cars ✔️ WM

▷Gran Turismo 7 update finally allows players to sell cars ✔️ WM

The latest update for Gran Turismo 7 introduces a feature that long-time fans have been requesting for some time. Veterans of the series that debuted on the original PlayStation will recall that the games once allowed players to earn credits by selling the cars they either won in races or already owned, but didn’t wanted more.

The ability to sell cars has been absent in GT7 so far, but with update 1.26 players will be able to sell vehicles in their garage once the GT Cafe menus are complete. That’s not the only change in this patch, as players will get new cars and a new circuit.

Update 1.26 is out today November 23rd at 10pm PST (November 24th 6am GMT). It adds three new car models to the in-game car manufacturers and a race track based on a real track.

Cars include the BMW M2 Competition ’18, the classic Ford Sierra RS 500 Cosworth ’87 and the Nissan Silvia K’s Aero (S14) ’96. Car enthusiasts, or petrolheads as they are known in the UK (gearheads in the US), will be particularly interested in the Ford Cosworth, considered a legendary engine. “A Cosworth-tuned masterpiece that dominated touring car racing,” as the PlayStation Blog puts it.

The update also introduces Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta. The circuit is based on a historic 1970’s US road circuit and is known for hosting touring car and prototype races, as well as being the site of the ‘Petit Le Mans’ 10-hour endurance race. Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta features 12 corners and is famous for its elevation changes.

Finally, update 1.26 adds two scapes to the game: ‘Illuminations’, which looks like neon-lit architecture, and ‘Road Atlanta’, which is based on the added track. As for the ability to sell cars, players will need to ensure they are connected to the internet in order to use the new feature.

▷Gran Turismo 7 update finally allows players to sell cars ✔️ WM

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