Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Bug lässt Spieler die Schule überspringen

▷Pokemon Scarlet & Violet bug makes players skip school ✔️ WM

▷Pokemon Scarlet & Violet bug makes players skip school ✔️ WM

The Reddit user, who goes by the name GalaxyHunter17, recently discovered a bug in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet that allows players to skip school and thus bypass the story. Of course, this is just the latest in a long line of bugs and glitches in the recently released game.

The process involves using a location jump that gives players access to Area 4 without having attended the tutorial. “Immediately after being released in the initial Los Platos area, head to school to do Arceus just knows what to do,” GalaxyHunter17 explained on the social media platform. “I don’t know, I managed to get out of the starting area without going to school and never went back or officially started the story.”

GalaxyHunter17 further explains, “Just to the southwest of Los Platos, there are two cliffs that are separated by a fairly large gap. One is accessible from the starting area, the other leads across the chasm to South Area 4 and a bunch of high-level Pokemon . Normally one should follow the tutorial, enter the school and start the whole storyline of the game from there.”

“If you instead hold onto the cliff and slowly walk toward the cliff in area 4, you’ll get stuck on a small ledge between and below both cliffs. From there, you can use any of the Pokemon (level 20 or so) on the side of Target area 4 and use the ‘teleporting trainer’ aspect in battles to get to area 4. This way you can bypass the school quest’s gating system and start exploring without any of these triggers activating.”

However, skipping school comes with some caveats, such as the diurnal cycle, which somehow seems tied to the story. GalaxyHunter17 also pointed out that “gym access is disabled” and “all Team Star Bases are abandoned and sealed”. Interacting with the button on the door does nothing.”

▷Pokemon Scarlet & Violet bug makes players skip school ✔️ WM

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