▷Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: How to get Wo-Chien ✔️ WM

▷Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: How to get Wo-Chien ✔️ WM

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet takes the beloved series to a whole new level, with open-world adventures set in a vibrant world teeming with life. On this journey you will meet lovable characters and discover many secrets alongside your Pokemon team.

One of those mysteries comes in the form of four legendary Pokemon, the Treasures of Ruin, and you can either fight them or catch them if you bother to unseal them. Here’s everything you need to know about Wo-Chien, the Tablets of Ruin.

Who is Wo-Chien?

Wo-Chien, also known as the “Tablets of Ruin” is one of four members of a group of notorious Legendaries dubbed the “Treasures of Ruin”. These Pokemon share the same theme and story. All four are originally treasures brought to life by a concentration of dark energies and brought to Paldea to be sealed forever. However, you can also find a way to unseal and catch this powerful Pokemon.

How do I get Wo Chien?

This legendary Pokemon can be found behind a sealed gate. in the Southern Province Zone (Area One). You can find it in the location shown below:

To open the sealed gate, you need to find eight pegs scattered across different regions. While they are all outdoors, they can be difficult to find, so you can find them in the following locations.

locations of the stakes

Pictorial map of stake locations

Stake #1 This post is located on a stone platform next to the main road in Southern Province (Area Three).
stake #2 Once you come out of the desert area towards the town of Zapapico, you can find this pole right where the grassy area begins.
stake #3 Follow the main road of the Southern Province (area three) to the end and you can find this pillar by climbing up the surrounding stone platforms around the city of Artazon.
stake #4 Go to the Southern Province (Area Five) and this stake is waiting outside, next to the causeway.
stake #5 South of the town of Los Platos you’ll find the next pole that’s out in the open.
stake #6 Very close to the last stake, you’ll find this one outdoors on the grassy plain northeast of Los Platos.
stake #7 This pole is on a spiral mountain, next to a small rock.
Pole #8 Right at the top of the mountain where the gate is located, you’ll find the last pole.

Legendary Battle – Wo-Chien

When you’ve pulled all the stakes, the game will tell you that the sound is coming from the previously sealed gate. Go there and open it for Wo-Chien to come out and challenge you to a fight. It will have the ability “Tablets of Ruin” which lowers your team’s Atk values, So make sure your Sp. Atk focu

▷Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: How to get Wo-Chien ✔️ WM

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