▷The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil Inside – Morello’s Scene Walkthrough ✔️ WM

▷The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil Inside – Morello’s Scene Walkthrough ✔️ WM

Isolated from her crew members at this point in The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me Kate is on a mission to reunite. Du’Met sent Mark down a trapdoor and locked Jamie behind moving walls, forcing everyone to find their way back.

When Kate roams the “Murder Castle” in this scene, she can collect a lot of secrets. With a picture to find, clues to what’s to come for the group later, and mysteries abound, follow our guide to the Morellos scene from The Devil Inside.

The Devil in Me is a game that focuses on the choices you make as a player and how they affect the characters’ survival – that’s what The Dark Pictures Anthology does best.

There are loads of little details in every corner of the game that help tell the story. We’ve played through The Devil in Me multiple times to find everything you need to know about each scene.

Search the hotel

If she’s still alive in your passage, Erin will be here with Kate. You control Kate either way in this scene, and things play out the same way with or without Erin.

When you take control of Kate, the hallways are a maze and the walls have moved.

There’s only one way to get ahead, so Follow the winding path until you come to the moving wall that doesn’t quite close.

Complete a QTE to get through the gap that closes behind you. Once you’re through, go Examine the last door on the right in this passage to find the of the screams you have begun to hear.

Go through the door at the end of the hall to the left of the crying woman to move on.

examining crying

There are some spooky things here for you to examine like the dog bowl, the doll on the dresser, and the drawing on the floor. When you’re ready, examine the door with the digital lock.

To find the code, return to the small side table between the mirror and the armchair in the corner of the first part of the room.

if you with the notepad detailing someone’s schedule, Use Kate’s pencil on the torn portion at the bottom of the page to reveal the code: 1999

Collectible secrets and images

However, before you go to the guest room, you must find the code, There are two collectible secrets in the first part of the suite. It’s easy to accidentally end that scene up front without meaning to, so the easiest way is simple grab these two secrets before opening the door if you collect secrets in this pass.

J. Morello Sherman Book Body Snatching Article

Under the window in the first room
In the makeup mirror in the second room

If you’re ready to move on enter the code (1999) into the pinpad in the second room.

Before you look at the woman there is an image pulled. hanging on the wall immediately to your left as you enter the room.

examine the mattress; to check on the crying woman behind and end the scene.

▷The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil Inside – Morello’s Scene Walkthrough ✔️ WM

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