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▷Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – Ranger Veteran Building Guide ✔️ WM

▷Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – Ranger Veteran Building Guide ✔️ WM

Bardin Goreksson is one of five playable characters in Warhammer: Vermintide 2. His default career is Veteran Ranger, which allows Bardin to specialize in a long-range sniper or melee combatant. The ranger veteran career is multifaceted with numerous solutions to every problem you will encounter.

The Veteran Ranger has access to multiple melee and ranged weapons, and each of their talents can change the way the career is played. Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about this career and the best Talents to use for each of the playstyles.

Career overview

Description of the ability

Career Ability – Notch
  • Bard drops a smoke bomb, concealing him from enemies for 10 seconds while within the smoke bomb’s area of ​​effect. Ranged weapons are 50% stronger while in the Smoke Bomb.
Passive Ability – Survivalist
  • Each Special Ability dying near Bard drops an ammo pack that restores 10% of maximum ammo capacity. All allies can pick up the ammo pack.
Perk – Loaded for combat
  • Bardin’s maximum ammo capacity is increased by 50% for all weapons.
Perk – Fast hands
  • Bard reloads ranged weapons 15% faster.
Perk – Brilliant Improvisation
  • Bard has a 10% chance that when using a potion, grenade, or medical supply, the re will not be consumed.

General gameplay

As a veteran ranger, you have versatile build options depending on what role you want to play in the group. You can support your allies by taking out specials to drop ammo packs and ales, or brawl in the front lines with blunt or edged melee weapons.

Overall, you should decide what kind of veteran ranger you want to be before choosing your weapons and talents. With the versatility of weapons, passives, and talents, the veteran ranger can easily fit into the following areas a melee build, a ranged build, a support build, or a combination of all three.


Melee Weapons

For melee weapons, Bardin has access to the following.

  • big hammer
  • Big Axe
  • hammer and shield
  • hammer
  • Axe
  • war pick
  • ax and shield
  • Two Hammers (Back to Ubersreik DLC)
  • Gear Hammer (Outcast Engineer DLC)

Ultimately, each of these weapons is a viable option, with the exception of the Warpick, which isn’t as good as the others. If you want to use a blunt weapon, this is it Big hammer or double hammers well suited, and each of the three axes is good for slashing damage. Consider your damage type when choosing your first talent ability, because blunt weapons shake the enemy more than slashing weaponsWith some exceptions.

ranged weapons

The ranger veteran career can use the following ranged weapons.

  • crossbow
  • handgun
  • mediator
  • Throwing Axes (Winds of Magic DLC)
  • Master Pistol (Outcast Engineer DLC)

Overall the Grudge Raker is an extremely powerful ranged weapon. which can take down most special enemies at close range with ease and only takes two shots to kill at longer ranges. The crossbow is the second best choice you have Kill enemies from a distance but it leaves you vulnerable as it needs to be reloaded longer and more frequently.


An example of a veteran ranger build for general playstyles.

Level 5 talent

Deep Roots – Ranger – Reaper – Hard Heart

  • Staggering an enemy grants temporary health proportional to the strength of the stagger.
  • Hitting multiple enemies with a melee attack grants temporary health. The amount of health restored increases with the number of enemies hit (maximum 5).
  • Healing yourself with medical tools also heals nearby allies for 20% of their maximum health.

For the first talent of bard, deep roots or Ranger Reaper are the best options. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter which talent you choose here. depends on the weapon of your choice. If you’re using one of the hammer weapons, Roots Running Deep will provide more temporary health due to the weapon’s high stagger damage but low fission effect.

If you are using one of the ax weapons, Ranger Reaper is more suitable as this weapon type has low stagger damage but splits more enemies with each hit.

Level 10 talent

Last Refuge Improvisation Master Enemy-Feller

  • When Bardin runs out of ammo, he gains 25% more power.
  • Reloading a weapon reduced the cooldown of Unlatch by 2%.
  • Increases Bard’s attack speed by 5%.

Again, the choice of talent depends on your weapons and playstyle. If you’re playing a melee-focused build, Extremely useful last resort since it allows you get rid of your ammo quickly and then enjoy a 25 percent increase in performance.

Vice versa, Master of Improvisation, excellent for weapons that require reloading after each shot need to be reloaded, like the crossbow or handgun. These weapons allow you to maximize the activation of this talent and decrease your career ability cooldown with each shot. This talent is especially good if you combine it with talents or passives that increase your maximum ammo capacity or increase the amount of ammo restored by Bardin’s Survivalist passive.

enemy feller is a good overall talent for builds that don’t specialize in melee or ranged combat, but play both styles equally.

Level 15 skill

Bulwark: Enhanced power

  • Staggering an enemy causes them to take 20% more damage from melee attacks for 5 seconds. Staggered enemies take 20% more damage. Staggering an enemy who is already staggered adds another amount of staggers and increases the damage they take from attacks by 40%.
  • Staggered enemies take 40% more damage from all your attacks. Staggering an enemy who is already staggered adds another number of staggers and increases the damage they take from all attacks by 60%.
  • Increases power by 7.5%.

As a veteran ranger, staggering enemies isn’t necessarily your first priority. Instead you should rely on your ranged weapon to kill special enemies as they appear. and let your allies focus on fighting hordes. Increased Power will help Increases the damage of your ranged shots and makes it easier to one-shot specials on higher difficulties.

In more melee-heavy playstyles, bulwark and mainstay are best with guns either high dizzinessas the Hammer and Shield or Ax and Shield. The charged attack from these two weapons slams the shield forward, causing a high stagger in a short animation. Pushing the enemy after a shield-charged Stagger can quickly stagger groups of enemies and trigger Bulwark or Mainstay.

Level 20 skill

Drunk Brawler Grungni’s cunning scavenger

  • Killing a special enemy has a 50% chance to drop a bottle of beer. Consuming the beer grants a stacking buff that increases attack speed by 3% and reduces damage taken by 4% for 5 minutes. This buff can be stacked 3 times and all allies can drink the beer.
  • Increases the amount of ammo restored by Survivalist ammo packs to 30%.
  • Killing a specific enemy has a 20% chance to drop a bomb or potion instead of the Survivalist Ammo Pack.

For your talent at level 20, Grungni’s cunning offers the greatest benefit regardless of play style. Since allies can also pick up the Survivalist’s Ammo Pack, this talent will Increase the amount of ammo your team can loot between ammo boxeswhich is particularly useful in ammunition-hungry parties. Grungni’s Cunning is especially strong when Bardin is the only ranged specialist, as the restored ammo will ensure you don’t run out of ammo for a long time.

Level 25 skill

Don’t dawdle! Exuberant Fire Rage

  • Increases movement speed by 10%.
  • Reduces damage taken from behind by 30%. Headshotting an enemy reduces all damage by 30% for 5 seconds.
  • Hitting 2 enemies with a single shot increases the speed of your next reload by 35%.

gun rage is a great weapon talent Grudge Rakersince you probably hit two enemies with a single shot without even trying. With other weapons, like the crossbow, you may need to line up your shot, but against hordes of enemies this is easy to do.

exuberance may seem useful at first glance, but can be difficult to use in practice. Usually when using a ranged weapon, don’t want to be near enemies. which means you won’t be harmed anyway. To use Exuberance effectively, you need to hit an enemy with a headshot while attacking them from the front and back, which never a position you want to be in at all.

No dawdling! can be good in certain scenarios, especially for Melee focused builds but can’t do enough compared to the reload speed of fire rage.

Level 30 skill

Intoxicating Vapors Guest ranger’s surprise gift

  • Allies gain 8% increased Attack Speed ​​and restore 3 temporary Health per second while in Disengage Smoke.
  • Bardin no longer exits stealth when moving outside of the area of ​​effect of Undock.
  • After activating Snap Out, the next bomb Bardin throws before the ability expires will not be consumed.

Exhilarating fumes is a extremely strong support talent that all your allies can benefit from. Disengage lasts for 10 seconds, which means you restore a total of 30 temporary health points restore if you remain in the smoke for the duration of the action. The power of this ability is even stronger when your Allies stay in the smoke linger in the smoke as well, as they will be healed and gain a strong attack speed buff.

Surprise Guest can be useful for to escape from a dangerous group of enemiesbut good positioning and awareness can solve this problem before it occurs.

The Ranger’s Parting Gift can be strong if it’s with the Looter Talent combined so you can use bombs from afar to kill specials. However, Invigorating Vapors are almost too valuable not to use to use, so Ranger’s Farewell Gift isn’t such a good choice.

▷Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – Ranger Veteran Building Guide ✔️ WM

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