10 new series not to be missed in December on Netflix (Releases 2022)

10 new series not to be missed in December on Netflix (Releases 2022)

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If the month of November saw the birth of pretty little nuggets on Netflix like the series Wednesday imagined by Tim Burton or even the mysterious production of the creators of Dark , 1899 , know that the month of December is going to be just as crazy! So what are the series not to be missed under any circumstances at this end-of-year period? Which series will return with a new season after sometimes long years of waiting? Answer in this article!

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Hot Skull – Season 1 – December 2

Inspired by Afşin Kum’s novel, “Hot Skull”, this new Turkish series will plunge us into a world struggling with an epidemic of madness that spreads through language and speech. A dystopia that promises to be quite simply exceptional!

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Always There For You (Firefly Lane) – Season 1 – Part 1 – December 2

What could have put an end to the deep friendship of thirty years of Tully and Kate, supposed to be always there for each other? Subscribers to the streaming platform may have the answer to this question that has been bothering them for almost two years.

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Money Heist: Korea – Season 2 – December 9 November

The Korean remake of The Money Heist will be back in a second part which promises to be as explosive as the previous one.

Everything collapses. There’s one last chance to escape Now the real heist begins. Get ready for the next plan!

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Last Chance U: Basketball – Season 2 – December 13

The critically acclaimed and Emmy-nominated series returns to East Los Angeles College (ELAC) and once again takes an honest and realistic look at the world of basketball in small colleges across the United States.

Sonic Prime – Season 1 – December 15

Sonic’s action-packed life takes a new turn when a showdown with Dr. Eggman turns the universe upside down. Anxious to restore his reality and save his old friends, Sonic sets off to discover strange worlds and embark new companions on an extraordinary adventure!

Paradise Police – Season 4 – December 16

It’s well known: Paradise Police cops are the worst kind. find them in December in a fourth part which promises to be just as delirious as the previous ones.

Emily in Paris – Season 3 – December 21

A year after leaving Chicago for her dream job in Paris, Emily finds herself at a turning point in all aspects of her life. Faced with two very different paths, the young woman will have to choose sides, in her professional and personal life, and determine the impact of her decisions on her future in France, through the adventures and surprising twists and turns that life has to offer. Paris.

Alice in Borderland – Season 2 – December 22

In order to solve the mystery of Borderland and find his home world, Arisu must face, with his comrades, ever more difficult and dangerous games.

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The Witcher: Legacy of Blood – mini-series – December 25

Set in the Elven era, 1,200 years before the arrival of Geralt of Rivia, Yennefer and Ciri, this four-part prequel is like a tale of ancient times, which saw the emergence of the first witcher as well as the events that took leads to the “conjunction of the spheres”, where monsters, humans and elves have come together to form one world.

Treason – Season 1 – December 26

Adam Lawrence’s career with MI6 seems set, until his past catches up with him in the guise of Kara, a Russian spy and former acquaintance, and forces him to question his entire life. A triangular relationship then develops between Kara, Adam and his wife Maddy, each striving to expose the other’s secrets and navigate the political and diplomatic meanders, while clinging to their personal lives and the beings who are dear to him.

For the moment, no trailer has been released.

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10 new series not to be missed in December on Netflix (Releases 2022)

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