90 Day Groom Fans Suspect Veronica’s New Man Is Kim’s Son Jamal

90 Day Groom Fans Suspect Veronica’s New Man Is Kim’s Son Jamal

Maggie Meade Posted 1 day ago

Veronica Rodriguez’s new mystery man was teased on 90 Day: The Single Life Tell All, but fans think those arms belong to another TLC star.

On the 90 days: living aloneSeason 3 “Tell Everyone” Part 1 Veronica Rodriguez Reveals She’s Dating a New Man and Judging by the Teasers, Fans 90 day fiance it is suspected that her mystery man is none other than Kim Menzies’ son Jamal Menzies. Many viewers were delighted to learn that Veronica had joined The Single Life.cast season 3, but her storyline was a little disappointing. Although she had high hopes for Justin, it turned out that he was probably just using her, and Veronica rightly accused him of treating her unfairly. Veronica and Justin were 100 percent ready to shoot Tell It All, but Veronica said she now has a new, better man in her life.


Preview of the next part The Single LifeSeason 3’s “Tell Everyone” teased footage of the mystery man’s hands, but didn’t show the rest of his body, keeping his identity a secret for another week. But eagle-eyed fans think they recognize those hands and think they belong to Jamal. Reddit fans like Past_Bar8693 took notice of the man’s distinctive beaded bracelets, as well as his rings and skin tone. “Def looks like Jamal to me,” commented a fan in his post, comparing photos from the preview clips of “Tell It All” with photos of Jamal’s hands. While most of the fans in the thread agreed that Jamal was a big step up from Justin, they had issues with the idea of ​​two 90 Day Suitors.stars in a relationship.

Def looks like Jamal to me… from 90DayFiance

Fans Not Sure They Want To See Veronica & Jamal Meet Fiancé On Day 90

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Many commenters didn’t think the two were very compatible, citing things like their 10 year age difference or geographic distance as reasons why Veronica and Jamal don’t fit well together. However, the others didn’t have a problem with their date, but were apprehensive about the fact that they were both TLC stars and didn’t want it to be a relationship for the sake of fame. “NOOO, JAMAL, NO, you’re better than that! Date her, but not on TV!‘ exclaimed one commentator. Another fan agreed, saying “I think they suit each other well and I like it when they meet, but not on TV. If I saw them in public, I would think they make sense together. Comparable levels of attractiveness and attractiveness.”

Although this couple seems to have come out of nowhere, suspicious onlookers 90 Day Fiance may suspect something. It cannot be denied that the hands of the mysterious man from The Single LifeThe promos for the third season of “Tell It All” are very similar to Jamal. Kim’s son flaunts the same jewelry on many of his social media posts, so it’s entirely possible that Veronica’s new man is Jamal. It could also explain why Veronica’s ex-boyfriend Tim Malcolm doesn’t seem to approve of her new relationship. Maybe he doesn’t agree with Veronica and Jamal’s age difference or that she’s dating someone from the franchise.

While there is visual evidence to support the theory that Vanessa’s new man is Jamal, it actually seems like a stretch. Two franchise stars 90 Day Fiance more differences than similarities, and it would be surprising if they actually started a relationship. Thankfully, viewers won’t have to wait too long to get confirmation on whether Veronica and Jamal are the subject.

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: u/Past_Bar8693/Reddit

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90 Day Groom Fans Suspect Veronica’s New Man Is Kim’s Son Jamal

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