’90s Show Trailer Reveals Red and Kitty’s Return and Introduces New Crew

’90s Show Trailer Reveals Red and Kitty’s Return and Introduces New Crew

Author: Grant Hermanns Published 2 days ago

The official trailer for That ’90s Show has been released, showing a first look at the upcoming sequel to That ’70s Show, featuring the return of Red and Kitty.

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It’s time to return to Wisconsin’s legendary basement with official trailer Show of the 90s. The upcoming Netflix sitcom will be a sequel to the beloved sitcom It’s a 70’s show., this time focusing solely on Eric Foreman’s parents, Red and Kitty, who entertain their granddaughter for the summer. Kurtwood Smith and Debra Jo Rupp return to head cast It’s a 90’s show along with Callie Haverda, Ashley Aufderheid, Mace Coronel, Maxwell Acey Donovan, Rain Doi and Sam Morelos.


Just a few months after confirming the return of several fan-favorite characters to the series Netflix unveiled the official trailer It’s a 90’s show. The video offers a proper first look at Red and Kitty’s return as they watch their granddaughter Leah over the summer, once again becoming a hangout spot for a new group of exuberant teenagers. Check out the funny trailer below:

Every Confirmed This and #39; Show of the 70s missing character from ’90s show Trailer

Although Red and Kitty are some fans Togo Show 70s will surely notice that many characters from the original show are missing from That Show of the 90s trailer, namely Leah’s parents, Eric and Donna. Viewers shouldn’t be scared, however, as both Topher Grace and Laura Prepon are confirmed to appear in the show’s sequel as recurring roles. They won’t be the only major stars It’s a 70’s showwho are returning as Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher and Wilmer Valderrama are also returning, as is former recurring star Tommy. Chong.

The only missing link of the original Show of the 70scast did not return Show of the 90sthere will be Danny Masterson’s decision, an understandable decision given his recent legal troubles following the multiple rape allegations leveled against actor Hyde. Considering the trailer above is only the first for the show ahead of its January premiere, it makes sense that Grace, Prepon and the others would be absent from the first shots as marketing seeks to build anticipation for the show on its own merits. instead of relying solely on nostalgia for returning actors. However, given that this is a continuation of the show, the potential longevity It’s a 90’s show will depend on whether it can attract and retain fans It’s a 70’s show happy.

Can a 90s show match the success of the original?

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Although in the trailer It’s a 90’s show There are many hallmarks of the original show, including the stoner circle in the basement, it will be interesting to see if it can match the success of its predecessor. Given Netflix’s global reach and wide fan base It’s a 70’s show, it’s entirely possible that the sequel could be a launching pad for young actors, in much the same way as the original. made for Kutcher, Kunis and their fellow stars, but whether it can match Fox’s eight-season show will require both a large audience and solid reviews. Only time will tell when the broadcast starts on January 19 It’s a 90’s show.

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’90s Show Trailer Reveals Red and Kitty’s Return and Introduces New Crew

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