A reassuring first teaser for the film The Knights of the Zodiac

A reassuring first teaser for the film The Knights of the Zodiac

The power of Pegasus comes to life in flesh and blood.

Seiya invokes the power of Pegasus and we discover a first glimpse of the live film Saint Seiyawhich will adapt The Knights of the Zodiac in real shots. A rather well done teaser, which promises some not too dirty special effects and a quite acceptable aesthetic. A reassuring introduction, while the fans – traumatized by the huge historical failure of Dragon Ball Evolution – fear to see a new cult manga massacred on the screen. But Toei Animation is co-producing with Sony and it could be that these Knights Of The Zodiac don’t be ashamed…

This is Mackenyu, son of the late Sonny Chiba, who will have the heavy responsibility of donning the Pegasus armor. The actor seen in Pacific Rim: Uprising will put himself in the shoes of Seiya. Facing him, madison iseman (annabelle) will play Sienna (or Saori), the famous princess, reincarnation of Athena.

In the story of the film, Seiya will be a street orphan who will be caught up in a mystical energy known as Cosmo, which will awaken within him. Seiya will thus embark on a journey to conquer the ancient Greek armor of Pegasus and choose sides in a supernatural battle for the fate of Sienna (Iseman), a young girl who struggles to control her divine power.

It will therefore be an “Origin Story” which will go back to the very roots of the heroes of the Knights of the Zodiacback when they went to get their armor, a perilous adventure seen only in flashbacks in the 1980s cartoon, adapted from the manga created by Masami Kurumada.

Famke Janssen, Nick Stahl, Diego Tinoco and Mark Dacascos will also be in the cast of this film which will be directed by Tomasz BaginskyPolish special effects specialist who worked on The Witcher notably.

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