a sparkling Brazilian Christmas comedy to discover on Netflix!

a sparkling Brazilian Christmas comedy to discover on Netflix!

In this preliminary period to the end of the year celebrations, Netflix does not care about romantic comedies. This is why the platform of streaming provides its subscribers with at least one weekly romance and the pace is not about to slow down. This week, the catalog will be enriched with many programs (Christmas under his wing, Christmas on our doorstep, Christmas with a big heart, Daisy and the miracle of Christmas, etc.) whose prerequisites are: comfort, tenderness, benevolence, plaid, hot chocolate… without forgetting love!

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Among its novelties, an original Brazilian creation will perhaps imprint itself on your retina. Title Christmas thanks to herthis good-natured comedy directed by will combine laughter and love and will put the influencer G in impossible situationsKay and Sérgio Malheiros next to Vera Fischer .

What is “Christmas thanks to her” about?

Discovering that he has been deceived, Carlinhos decides to invite Graça, a complete stranger, to Christmas dinner. But the young woman is a real madman who risks sowing chaos within this family very attached to traditions.

When will “Christmas thanks to her” be released on Netflix?

This romance that is sure to bring Netflix subscribers together around their small screen will be available from Wednesday, November 30, 2022. Note that this is the second Christmas film produced for Netflix from Brazil after And another Merry Christmas!, film worn by Leandro Hassum. Let’s bet that Christmas thanks to her achieves the same audiences as its predecessor, which had gathered no less than 26 million households worldwide in 2020.

a sparkling Brazilian Christmas comedy to discover on Netflix!

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