Age of Wushu Guide [25 полезных советов, которые должен знать каждый игрок]

Age of Wushu Guide [25 полезных советов, которые должен знать каждый игрок]

When you immerse yourself in the world of Age of Wushu, you think that nothing can stop you from becoming the greatest martial artist in Jianghu. But your excitement is short-lived. Where you expected an exciting experience, confusion and chaos reign.

How should you develop your character? What activities should you join?

Believe me, this is a long list of questions. When I first started playing, I had no idea what to do. It doesn’t help that the game doesn’t explain the gameplay to you. Worse, the official forums and guides don’t work.

Well, although I cannot fit all the necessary knowledge into one article, I have prepared this list of tips to help you on your journey through Jianghu.

25. Consider buying a character instead of a grind.

The first thing most veterans will tell you when you log in is to simply buy an account. While this may turn some new players off, it’s a solid argument. In its current state, Age of Wushu doesn’t allow for effective catching up. Senior players will simply be way ahead in Meridian level.

Buying an account is actually cheaper than spending money on creating your own character from scratch.

It also saves a lot of time. Even if you play this game 24/7, it will take you years to catch up.

However, it depends on how seriously you want to take this game. If you are a gamer without a life, living only to outperform other players, then by all means, go for it. But if you just want a nice casual MMORPG to relax in, you can create your own character.

24. Get VIP ASAP

Whether you take the game seriously or not, you MUST get a VIP. Playing without it will greatly slow down your progress. Jianghu VIP is similar to the subscription in other games. It costs 30 gold, which is about $10 per month.

While the subscription can certainly be more expensive in other games, it’s still a lot of money.

Luckily, you can buy VIP from other players with in-game currency (silver taels). Now its price ranges from 500 to 750 vines. Creating taels as a non-VIP player can take forever. I recommend buying your first VIP yourself. Once you unlock the rest of the content, you can earn all the money you need for your subsequent VIP statuses.

But what are the benefits of Jianghu VIP status? Well, without it, wushu might seem like one of those nasty “farming” games where you just wait ages for your buildings to be built. It’s even worse. Without VIP, you will level up so slowly that you will never catch up with other players.

It is also required for most Life-skills. I’ll deal with this later. For now, I’ll just say that without a VIP, you won’t be able to collect the necessary materials to craft useful items in the game.

Finally, VIP opens up a ton of new content for you. By participating in these unlocked activities, you will earn much more taels and advance in the game much faster.

Seriously, don’t play this game without a VIP. It’s too frustrating.

23. Choose your school wisely

After you have completed your studies, the next step is to choose the right school. Unfortunately, the game does not provide you with any information about which school is the best. This causes many new players to join schools that are bad. While you can betray a school and join another, it’s a waste of time.

So how do you know which school is the best? Well, it depends on the attribute you choose.

For Taichi players, I suggest going to Wudang as it is the best option right now. Yang players will benefit the most from the Royal Guard, though Shaolin is also a decent choice. As for Yin players, they have the most schools to choose from. Scholars, Tangmen and Emei are great schools that will benefit you greatly.

I suggest researching each school a bit to see if it suits your play style before making a decision. Remember – betraying a school is a huge waste of time.

22. Get Perish Blade ASAP

I cannot stress this point enough. Perish Blade is the strongest PVE set in the game and almost everyone uses it to launch instances.

Whether you are planning to launch solo or team content, the value of this set is huge. With his life stacks and stacks of theft and damage, you will destroy everything that comes your way, be it mobs or bosses.

One way to get this OP set is to join Wanderer’s Valley School. While this allows you to level up the set to level 13, it’s really not worth it. The Valley of the Pilgrims offers nothing but this set. You are good to just buy it in the market.

Compared to most items in the game, this is relatively cheap. And while you can only get it up to level 5 (4 for some skills), that’s all you need.

In addition, you can take part in the script raid, which takes place from Monday to Saturday at 19:00 server time. If the school being raided is the Valley of the Wanderers, you will be able to farm the entire set yourself.

Just keep in mind that it will take you much longer to do it this way. But even if you have a set, you still have to join the event. Selling pages is a good way to make money.

However, getting the kit is not the end of the road. You will then need to purchase Twin Daggers, ideally jade quality. This will maximize your damage. Also, you should be farming weapon guides to make this set even stronger.

21. Focus on the meridians, not the internal organs.

A common play style trap for beginners is to upgrade their core inner world to the highest level of power, “Keep Your Own Advisor”. While you really want to get there, the stats you get from unlocking meridian levels are much stronger. Thus, you must first level the first, second, and third inner students of each school to levels 25, 20, and 20, respectively.

You can easily unlock these innards by getting an alternative. If you are too lazy to do hard work, you can buy them from other players. Breakthrough pages are easy to get – just farm Heroes daily and you’ll eventually get them.

The Hero event also gives you Wulin books. They can be exchanged at the NPC in Suzhou for cultivation pills for each school interior up to level 3. I highly recommend only using these pills to level up those “junk” interiors. This is more effective in the long run as it allows you to focus on other skills.

Once you do that, level up the fourth and fifth Inner in your school to level 30. As for Inner Six, you need to max it out. This will give you one full meridian which (usually) complements your school’s play style.

After that, things get a little more complicated. While there are many ways to get other meridians, the most economical one is to use 5 Aggregates and Demon Obedience Items. To be as concise as possible, I will refer to them as 5-Aggs for the rest of this article.

These items allow you to unlock almost any meridian in the game. However, it will cost quite a lot of development points. So make sure you have enough of them before you try to unlock them!

As for the reverse meridians, it’s easy. Once you start to travel through the subsections, you will get them one by one. I suggest focusing on the ones you plan to use first.

20. Learn how the gear system works

In most MMORPGs, the equipment system is intuitive. However, wushu throws the mind to the wind with most of its functions, including equipment. For a new player, the whole system can be overwhelming.

But don’t worry, it only takes a little knowledge (which the game doesn’t give you, unfortunately).

First, each piece of equipment can have one of the following qualities: wood, copper, iron, silver, gold, and jade. You will only ever want to buy jade gear (gold also works in PVE if you don’t have the money). Equipment pieces also have a grade, the highest of which is 7. I do not recommend buying equipment below C4.

To level up, you will always need the Black Jade Power (which costs approximately 150 liang) and the Binging Agent (which always costs 250 liang). To get the gear piece from C6 to C7, you will need 3 Black Jade Powers. As you can see, this makes it quite expensive to upgrade.

However, getting good equipment should be your main goal. Save all the money you get and use it to get the C7 gear. Make sure the gear matches the attribute of your Inner Skills. Otherwise, you will not receive additional statistics.

As for the stats themselves, you should focus on the ones that are most useful to your build. Outer players need Strength, while inner players need Breath and Spirit. You can re-roll them for free using discard tokens.

19. Focus on kits that are compatible with your internal

In addition to equipment, the attribute you choose will affect the sets you intend to use. Taichi users will receive a 20% damage bonus when using Taichi skill sets and a 16% damage bonus if they use Yin or Yang skill sets.

Yin or Yang users will receive a 20% bonus when using their respective attribute sets and a 16% bonus when using Taichi sets. If they use a set of their opposite attributes, they do not receive any damage increase.

Thus, you should never use a set that has the opposite attribute of yours. The lack of a 20% damage bonus will really be noticeable, whether in PVP or PVE.

This can be especially problematic if you’re playing as Yang. The Fallen Blade is a Yin set. Instead, I suggest you use the second set of Blood Blade Clan. He’s easy to get and has some healing in his set.

In terms of PVP, these days people mostly use cash packs. All money sets are Taichi unless you change their attribute. However, you don’t even need to do that. The 4% damage difference is minimal unless you are one of the best PVP players on the server.

18. Focus on only two weapon guides at the start

Weapon guides are a great way to increase your damage output. You do this through the Roaming the World interface. In the past, you had to play a tael to get rewards that gave you weapon guides. Now you get free tokens every day.

However, be prepared for a long routine. Even if you do all 7 runs (including the bonus run), it will take approximately 3 months to reach the maximum level.

But the huge grind festival is just one of the reasons why you should only focus on two weapons at the start. Another problem is improvement points. After a breakthrough, each guide you use will consume Enhancement Points. To reach the maximum level, expect to spend a lot of them.

This can be problematic as you need development points to level up your other inner skills and skill sets.

Since Perish Blade is such a strong set, the Twin Daggers guide should be your primary focus. The other one depends on which school you join. The Scholars player can choose either the Sword or the Bare-Handed Manual, while the Royal Guard player will want to invest in the Single Blade.

17. Start collecting Jianghu entrails as soon as you can.

Jianghu Insiders are the strongest insiders in the game. For PVP, almost everyone uses Taoist Divination Skill. With damage reduction and damage buffs, it outperforms any other in-game element.

For PVE, I suggest using the “Against Worldly Evil” skill. Thanks to the stacking damage bonus, it works great with Perish Blade.

However, Jianghu’s other interior things also have their uses. The Sunset skill, for example, allows you to recover from CC. And each one adds bonus stats to your Jianghu meridians. To be as strong as possible, you must collect them all.

In addition to buying them from other players, you can get them in the Tornado event. This happens either at 12:00 or 17:00 server time. Unfortunately it is RNG based so it will take you a while to get enough pages. However, this is the most reliable way to get them for free.

16. Choose your core inner self early on and develop it to its maximum level.

Once you’re comfortable with the basic mechanics, it’s time to choose your main internal element. Sometimes it will be the 6th internal in your school. Wudang, Tangmen, Emei, Shaolin and Scholars have great inner qualities that you can control. If you have chosen any of these schools, focus on the relevant internal aspects.

However, the internal skills of other schools leave much to be desired. So how do you deal with it?

Well, that’s where subsects come in. Each school has sub-sects that offer two internal and two skill sets. Their insides are often better than freshmen’s.

If you joined Wanderer’s Valley, then you definitely need to get the inner skill 5 Immortal Sect. This is by far the best free indoor tai chi in the game. For young players, I recommend going to the Blood Blade clan. Their interior is OP in both PVP and PVE. Finally, Yin players should consider the Ancient Tomb Sect. Their interior offers both offensive and defensive qualities.

15. Choose the right effects for your weapons and equipment.

As you level up your equipment, you will notice that each piece of equipment has its own special effect. You can get up to three special effects in total. The mechanism is divided into three groups.

The first one consists of rings and your weapons. If they all have the same effect, it will activate. I suggest going with the one that adds extra damage. It’s reliable and works in most scenarios.

The second group is just a bib. It activates on its own, so you don’t need to pair its special effect with any other gear. The best choice here (for class 7) is Treasure Cloak Guard, which absorbs 90% of damage while active.

Every remaining piece of your equipment affects the final effect. If you have at least 6 pieces with the same one, it will be active. You should choose Maggot Cloak for even more durability – while it’s active, you won’t take any damage.

14. Get a set of Buddha heart palms

The Buddha Heart Palm is a must-have Cash Shop set. This is perhaps the most used PVP set in the game. It is ranged and deals stackable damage. In addition, he also has powerful support skills.

This includes control immunity, rage gathering, and HP recovery buffs. In the current state of the game, you practically can’t PVP without owning this set.

However, it is no longer available in the Cash Shop. The only way to get this is to become an S-VIP, which is very expensive. Expensive at the level of thousands of dollars. Fortunately, you can buy it from other players for 10 dinars. Alternatively, you can just buy a character that already has it if you’re looking for economy.

Once you get this set, your next focus will be to get 3 bracers, each with 30% increased damage for one of the three offensive skills in this set. Getting them is very expensive as it requires a lot of RNG. But once you get there, you will win many more duels.

13. Consider getting helpful insiders from other schools.

Getting available interns from other schools is always a good idea. They not only open new meridians for you, but also increase the characteristics of your Jianghu meridians. Some even have useful benefits when active.

The first and most important is Mingyu’s skill, the second is internal from Scholars. This inner element increases your movement speed by a whopping 33% at level 36. Movement speed is important to complete your daily tasks as quickly as possible, and every player should invest in this inner element as soon as possible.

Another strong inner skill is the Canon of the Six Directions, Tangmen’s second inner skill. Keep in mind that this is useless below level 36. But once you reach max level, you can clear PVE content twice as fast. This is due to the debuff it places on most mobs and bosses – they take extra damage from all s. However, it does not work with some new content.

Finally, consider getting the Flying String Feather script. This is the third internal Emei. This allows you to dash forward not just once, but up to 4 times in a row. Combined with Mingyu’s skill, you’ll be able to race across the map in seconds.

12. Get a house ASAP

Getting a house is important for one main reason – the bonus 100,000 farm conversions you get every day. Although your friends may invite you to their place, this may not coincide with your schedule. By having your own house, you can get a significant cultivation boost whenever you want.

It is also not difficult to get tokens for him. Just run a lot of low level instances and you can probably get one in two weeks.

In a recent update, you can also grow Black Jade Powder if you have a home. Just unlock the research building and try your luck every day. While not the fastest way to get this valuable material, it’s free!

The house also allows you to teleport to the place where it is located. This can be useful for espionage.

11. Buy Windrider with Journey points

It’s no secret that ear grinding can be intense. One of the reasons the daily/weekly activities take so long is because they are scattered across a huge map. To speed up this process, most people buy either mounts or wind riders.

While mounts are useful in some scenarios, they are quite expensive. Also, you cannot use them in certain restricted areas. On the other hand, you can use Windrider anywhere. Once you use it, you will run much faster.

If you have high level flight skills, then you will be able to jump across the terrain and reach your destination even faster. Its only downside is that you cannot use it in combat. However, it is much better than the mounts, which can be very buggy at times.

So how do you get Windrider? Well, you can buy it from the Cash Shop for 45 gold. Other players tend to sell it for around 500 liang. In my opinion, this is a huge waste of money. You can get a 3-day Windrunner for just 300 Journey points. You get 45 of them each time you complete a daily Mind Demon event, up to two times per day.

The Windrider pack also includes other useful items such as development points and 5-Aggs. It amazes me how many experienced players don’t know about this option!

10. Collect 5 aggregates and items to suppress demons.

When you first log into the game, you will be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of items you keep getting each day. While some of them are useless, you will want to farm others. 5 Demon Subjugation Aggregates and Items are one such example.

Commonly referred to as 5-aggs, they allow you to unlock meridian levels without having to level up your inner skills. Since your decision to join a school must be final, they are the best option for unlocking meridians from other schools.

But even if you’ve already unlocked them all, these items are still extremely useful – they allow you to unlock the interior of Jianghu called the Six Realms Lingxiao Supremacy. Although this powerful inner element has a Yin attribute, it adds additional characteristics to your Jianghu meridians. This makes it a must for every player interested in PVP.

Farming is no small feat – it takes around 20,000 5-Aggs just to get it to KYOC level. More is needed to go beyond that. This is one of the hardest insights in the game, but it is very useful.

9. Collect Blood Plum Daggers.

Blood Plum Daggers are incredibly important items and you should start collecting them ASAP. They allow you to unlock most Jianghu internal items up to level 49. This means you don’t have to spend fragments at those lower levels.

You will also need it for very high levels. And even if you don’t, they are always in demand. Thus, you can earn big money from them.

But how can you get your hands on these coveted items? Well, the most reliable place to farm them would be the Uncontested Secret Area. Just keep in mind that this instance is difficult to complete alone. But if you can do it, all the trophies will be yours.

The desert ghost town is faster as you can complete it as a team and still get your own daggers. However, the drop rate is quite low.

8. Choose the right profession

Soon in the game you will be able to choose several professions. Some of them may even add extra money to your pockets. Unfortunately, some of them are simply useless.

They are divided into four categories: collection, production, culture and market.

Let’s start with Marketplace professions. As long as you don’t lose anything for taking them, they are useless.

The Beggar profession allows you to beg from other players, but most of them will not give you anything. And even if they do, you will only get a small portion of the money. The other is the Divinator. You just need a lot of taels to level up. This makes it useless.

Let’s move on to collection. These professions include fishing, mining, logging, hunting, and farming. Here you can capture them all without consequences.

In terms of cultural professions, Weiqi Player and Musician are great options. Weiqi players buff your arrays with buffs like 25% more critical strike chance which is always helpful. On the other hand, the Musician is more defensive – he restores HP and IP to your teammates. Just keep in mind that you can’t fight while the music is playing. Its passive nature may not be for everyone.

The other two, Scientist and Artist, are almost useless, so I won’t go into them.

And finally, we got to the manufacturing professions. These are the most important in the game. At first, you can only choose one. Once you get to level 9, you can add a second one. Since you can only get two of the six options, you’d better choose wisely!

The first one is Chief. As you would expect, this allows you to cook food. The main meals will simply restore your Nutritional Value. However, more complex dishes will give you powerful buffs. This is an excellent profession in every respect, although you will not earn as much money from it. You can also upgrade weapons.

The next one is Poison Maker. This allows you to create poisons and improve equipment. However, poisons have a very narrow application and are generally not very useful – although they buff you, they also inflict a debuff. Even worse, they last less than a minute. I would not recommend choosing this profession unless you plan to pair it with a tailor.

The Herbalist profession allows you to create pills (essentially potions in other MMORPGs). Some restore HP, while others increase your stats for an hour. As an herbalist, you can also upgrade decorations. While there is always demand for some pills, this is not the most lucrative career choice in the game. However, it outperforms Poison Maker.

The last three professions allow you to create equipment parts. As a tailor, you can make hats, clothes, pants, bracers, leggings, and shoes). Artisan allows you to create rings, earrings and necklaces. And Blacksmiths, as the name implies, allow you to make weapons.

Since new players always need equipment, these professions are the most profitable in the game. However, expect to deal with more RNGs. Most people won’t buy anything below Grade 4. But crafting Grade 4 gear requires rare materials that drop in hard instances. You will then need a desktop with an even lower drop rate.

Now you might think it’s better to just buy all these items. Unfortunately, even in this case, you will not be able to escape the clutches of the RNG – whether you will randomly receive equipment of jade quality or not! Despite this, I recommend choosing at least one of these professions.

7. Keep your monthly login gift for cultivation points.

As the name suggests, you get a monthly sign-in gift once a month. Most people use it to unlock new meridians at the start of the game. But once they unlock all the relevant ones, they forget about that item.

Well, it has other uses. You can exchange it for 3 million development points at the NPC in Suzhou once a month. You always need development points. Once they drop to zero, you won’t be able to level up until you refill them. This is one of the best ways to get them for free.

6. Make sure you’re doing all the important weekly activities.

Many players are missing out on important weekly missions. In doing so, they make their progress even slower than usual.

For example, you must start the Four Families quests every week. They give you a lot of family tokens that you can exchange for 5-Aggs. Once you hit 1000 tokens, buy any C6 Raw Jade and spray it on 5-Aggs. The weekly events are hosted by a team of six and they never take more than an hour (assuming you have good teammates).

Another important thing is to run at least 7 instances per week. While you can launch more if you have students, the seven free ones are already a handful. The best instance to launch is Uncontested Secret Area.

Not only valuable Blood Plum darts fall out of it, but also expensive materials that you can easily sell. However, it is quite difficult alone.

If you’re looking for a team run, consider Desert Ghost Town. Rare items can drop from it, although you will have to drop them.

If you’re short on time, you can always just solo walk through the Qingyao Palace. This Forbiddance dungeon drops Desolate Beast Stones and Demon Gate Tokens, which you need for every high-level insider and skill set. Each run should only take you 10 minutes.

Finally, you must reach 1000 Activity Points each week. Packets contain cultivation pills that will greatly speed up your leveling. If you regularly complete the daily and weekly quests, you should have no problem reaching the last milestone.

5. Get a Mandrake Flower Garden

The Mandrake Flower Garden is a very little known event. However, it comes with amazing rewards, especially considering how little effort you have to put in. All you need to get started is 100 Family Tokens, which are pretty easy to get. Then you grow flowers until you unlock all 8 lots. Once you’ve done that, you just need to buy a pack of 270 flowers to get 30 5-Aggs.

The package also gives some development points and travel tokens. They allow you to reset your teleportation cooldown whenever you want. The best part? They don’t have an expiration date – you can save as much as you want.

4. Don’t kill too many other players at the same time.

As your power grows, you may be tempted to try PVP. I suggest trying friendly duels first. While you can attack and potentially kill any player you come across, doing so will increase your infamy. Once it reaches 2000 points, your name will turn red.

If you die in this state – by any means – the game will automatically send you to jail. It’s very expensive to bail yourself out, and you’ll probably have to sit with it all day, depending on how much embarrassment you got.

Unfortunately, the value only decreases when you are logged in. In other words, you will have to look at your character until your prison sentence is over.

3. Join a guild

In every MMORPG there is an option to join a guild. Wushu is no different. Even if you are not a social person, it provides you with many free benefits. First, it will increase your maximum energy value. Energy is needed to perform any Life Skill action. The higher the value, the more time you can spend collecting and crafting.

But the main attraction is the Guild Escort event. This will give cultivation pills and activity points. At certain stages, you get even more rewards.

You can also take part in a guild quest for even more rewards. However, you must be a VIP to enjoy these benefits. Some guilds also host their own events. For example, if you contribute in some way to the guild, the leaders will give you free items such as mounts.

In the beginning, you will want to join a PVE guild. The PVP guilds in this game take their rivalry very seriously. If you are seen by members of the enemy guild, they will immediately attack you.

2. Create Alternatives

Alts are additional symbols that you can create in addition to your main account. In most MMORPGs, you usually don’t have a reason to. But in wushu, having one or two alters can make your life a lot easier.

Firstly, you can use alts to farm the entrails of any other school up to the third. It takes two weeks of espionage to get all three for school. While it may take a long time, this is the most economical way to get them.

Also, Alt can expand storage space. Even with the best bags in the game and a fully expanded bank, you’ll still end up with way too many items.

Well, altos can help you carry that burden—literally. Just drop each unrelated item to a different account. You will really feel like a huge weight has been lifted off your shoulders.

Alt can also help you save the online counter when you’re playing. Just leave the other window running in the background with minimal settings.

Finally, Untapped Potential alts are a great way to farm Mind Demons – the boss will be so weak that you can solo him. It works even better if you make them your students – you get even more free stuff!

1. Have fun

Although it may seem trite for me to put this advice at the top of the list, let me explain. While you probably play every game for fun, wushu can become very burdensome over time. Especially if you get into a mindless grind fest.

I’m not lying when I say it has so much to do that you’ll never run out of things to do. Even if you play 24/7, you simply won’t be able to do everything. This can be very annoying. I’ve been playing this game for a while without a life, but I don’t recommend following (too close) in my footsteps.

The sad truth is that most people spend thousands of dollars on this game just to create a stronger character. No amount of grinding will ever let you catch up with them.

The PVP aspect can also be frustrating for the same reason. You will most likely lose to the players who spent that much money on the game. Thus, my advice is to approach the game casually. Just level up, complete the daily quests you like, and interact with your guild. This is a much healthier approach than trying to achieve an impossible goal. Too many people take games too seriously for their own good.

Age of Wushu Guide [25 полезных советов, которые должен знать каждый игрок]

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