Alessandro Gassman stars in new Netflix action movie

Alessandro Gassman stars in new Netflix action movie

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Radar action engaged! After Criminal network or even Black and BlueNetflix does it again and concludes the month of November by offering its subscribers a 100% badass film starring the Italian actor Alessandro Gassman who will play a former contract killer!

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Written and directed by Cosimo Gomez, this detective film set in northern Italy will keep you spellbound by distilling the well-known ingredients of the genre: a good dose of adrenaline, embellished with a pinch of survival and a great thirst for revenge. Entitled My name is Vengeance il

What are you talking about “My name is Vengeance” ?

Between her hockey games, a sport in which she excels, and her off-road driving lessons, Sofia leads a quiet teenage life. Until the day when, disobeying Santo, her father, she secretly takes a picture of him and publishes the picture on Instagram. This simple action is enough to upset their universe forever. Two criminals go up this virtual trail, enter their house and savagely kill Sofia’s mother and uncle, triggering a settling of accounts that has been brewing for nearly twenty years. Sofia will discover the truth that has always been hidden from her and Santo’s dark past as a member of the N’drangheta. Not without clashes, she will assume her heritage of rage and violence and will join forces with her father to obtain revenge. (Official Synopsis)

The cast stars in the lead roles Alessandro Gassman who plays Santo, alongside Geneva Francesconi which portrays the character of Sofia.

When will be released Is My Name Vendetta on Netflix?

My name is Vengeance will be available exclusively on Netflix from Wednesday, November 30, 2022. On the same day, subscribers to the platform of streaming may also set their sights on Take Your Pills : Xanax, a new documentary on one of the most prescribed anxiolytics in the world.

Alessandro Gassman stars in new Netflix action movie

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