All answers Royale High Winter Halo (2022) – Roblox

All answers Royale High Winter Halo (2022) – Roblox

Brrrr… winter has come! Popular RPG Roblox Royale High has just released Winter Halo 2022 and players are already lining up at the Fountain of Dreams to try their luck. The design of this halo is unknown at the time of this article’s publication, but we’ll be sure to add it here as soon as we can!

Right answers

To get this halo, users must guess correctly Best the result of a story given to them at random from a fountain in the center of the city. Below is a chart detailing everything we know so far about the various stories and their outcomes. Because these results are completely randomized, there may be periodic updates or rewards/punishments that we haven’t found yet.

Note. Choosing the correct answer for the relevant story does NOT guarantee you a halo, it just increases your chances of getting one – haloing is extremely rare!

Winter Halo 2022 Active Stories

History and creator Option A Opportunities Possibilities of Option B Option C Capabilities Option D Capabilities
Choosing what to do at the Winter Ball
Boat selection inside Snowglobe Summit
(Star fairies)
Ordering a Drink from the Pale Snow Fairy
Decide whether to go with a friend or stay at a cafe

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As new stories are discovered with associated rewards or punishments, we will continue to update this table. If you find any stories or results that we didn’t mention above, please let us know in the comments below! We always appreciate your help!

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All answers Royale High Winter Halo (2022) – Roblox

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