All Frozen Flame locations in God of War: Ragnarok

All Frozen Flame locations in God of War: Ragnarok

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Frostfire is a key re that players must obtain in God of War: Ragnarok in order to upgrade Kratos’ main signature weapon, the Leviathan Axe.

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When considering which pieces of equipment should be upgraded first in God of War: Ragnarök, one of your first choices should always be the Leviathan Axe, Kratos’ signature weapon that can be upgraded with Frostfire. Frostfire is a type of weapon upgrade in Ragnarok, which players can use to upgrade their ax’s stats, making it a formidable force to be reckoned with in combat. Of the three main weapons, many fans will primarily use the Leviathan Ax to perform various light and heavy attacks, including abilities that can hit enemies with frost and even permafrost.


God of War: Ragnarökincludes a total of eight Frozen Flames that players can acquire during their journey with Kratos and Atreus. Five of the eight of these Frozen Flames can be obtained during the main storyline, making them unmissable during the playthrough. So the real question regarding this weapon update is how players can find the remaining three flames. Luckily, the method to unlock each of them is exceptionally simple.

Search for three optional ice fires in God of War: Ragnarök

Based on information provided by YouTube content creator Astrosive, below is a pointer detailing how players can obtain each of the three additional Frozen Flames in God of War: Ragnarök:


Method Location Walkthrough
Defeat Crimson Horror After completing the required task "The smell of survival" players will unlock access to the Crater in Vanaheim, where they can face the Crimson Horror. The Crimson Horror is a huge dragon that can be found in the Plains Arena after dark.
Clear the berserker’s headstone in the Barrens On the western side of the Barrens in Alfheim, players will find a berserker tombstone that will initiate the fight. with sisters Ilskaya and Svipdagr Kholodnaya. This fight can be very difficult, but players can emerge victorious if they focus on killing the ranged Sisters of Illsk before defeating Svipdagr in melee.
Purify all Hel’s tears God of War: Ragnarök there are six Tears of Hel in total, two of which occur in the main storyline. After clearing one tear, players will be rewarded with Frost Spark. Once all six sparks have been collected, they can be combined into the ultimate Frostfire to upgrade Kratos’ Axe.

For reference, here is a list of all Hel Tear locations in God of War: Ragnarök:

  • Tear of Hel 1: House of Sindri (main story)
  • Tear of Hel 2: Helheim (main story)
  • Tear of Hel 3: Southern wilds in Vanaheim
  • Tear of Hel 4: Marshes of Aurvangar in Svartalfheim
  • Tear of Hel 5: Strond in Alfheim
  • Tear of Hel 6: Well of Urd in Midgard

: YouTube/Astrosive

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    God of War Ragnarok

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All Frozen Flame locations in God of War: Ragnarok

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