All Star Trek Actors Hate William Shatner According To George Takei

All Star Trek Actors Hate William Shatner According To George Takei

“There was a wholesome camaraderie” between the cast members “with the exception of one, who was a diva…”

Mutiny aboard the Enterprise. Sulu intends to swing on Captain Kirk! Half a century after the broadcast of the original series, the actors of star trek are torn.

George Takei and William Shatner never stop shouting at each other through the media. And in an interview with The Guardian, Takei reveals that at the time, on set“there was a healthy camaraderie” between the cast members”except for one, who was his diva…” The actor obviously refers – without naming him – to William Shatner with whom “none of us got along” continues George Takei.

But William Shatner defends himself in an interview with The Times in which he explains that if the elders publicly smash him, “It’s for publicity… Sixty years later, they’re still on this path. Don’t you think it’s a little weird? It’s like a disease. George never stopped blacken my name. These people are bitter and embittered. I have lost patience with them”.

William Shatner back on Earth and upset after his space trip

What George Takei reply: “I know he came to London to promote his book and he said I wanted to get some publicity by talking about him. So I decided I didn’t need to say his name to make myself advertising. So I’m not going to refer at all to William Shatner in this interview. Even though I just did. He’s just a cantankerous old man and I’ll leave him alone. I don’t want to play his game anymore.” Good atmosphere within the Federation.

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