Amazon customers have to be prepared for longer delivery times

Amazon customers have to be prepared for longer delivery times

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Online giant Amazon also seems to be having difficulties with delivery times. In the important pre-Christmas period of all times, customers must expect delays.

Apparently, the online mail order company Amazon has problems with delivery this year. That doesn’t come as a complete surprise. Customers should definitely take this into account when doing their Christmas shopping.

Research suggests longer delivery times at Amazon

After receiving some information, the TECHBOOK editorial team examined the delivery times at Amazon on a random basis. 15 products from a wide range of categories were selected for this; from scented candles to power strips to books. Within the study, the five products that are listed first in the Amazon search, apart from the sponsored top positions, were then examined more closely. The sample analysis was performed on Thursday, December 1, 2022 around noon. A fairly clear picture emerged.

In fact, none of the 75 products could be delivered within the same week. According to the delivery time shown by Amazon on the respective overview page, the majority would have even only been with the buyer after a week. For some products (16 percent) one should have expected even longer waiting times.

Hiring freeze at Amazon

Rumors were already circulating in the summer that Amazon could have delivery problems. According to a leaked internal document, Amazon employees themselves pointed out that there was an acute shortage of staff in the United States. There are not enough employees to be able to cope with the volume of customer orders. After the forecasts for Q4 2022 for Amazon also look meager, the company’s chief financial officer, Brian Olsavky, among others, has announced a hiring freeze in certain business areas. There are also plans to discontinue some products and services. This also includes the cloud service from Amazon – TECHBOOK reported. Amazon has not yet responded to our inquiry about the longer delivery times.

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In principle, customers should of course be prepared for slightly longer delivery times than usual during the Christmas season, including for other services. At Amazon, however, this delay is unusual, especially since one of the great advantages of the Prime subscription is the short delivery times.

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Amazon customers have to be prepared for longer delivery times

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