Andor: the post-credits scene explained

Andor: the post-credits scene explained

“He’s building the thing that will eventually kill him…”

We had to stay at the very end of the last episode ofAndor, uploaded yesterday on Disney+. As one could imagine, this finale ended with a small post-credits scene, in the form of a huge nod to Star Wars. Spoiler alert!

Indeed, we discover the famous Death Star in full construction. And we understand that the elements assembled by Cassian with so much methodology in his prison are small pieces of the enormous mortal puzzle imagined by the Emperor.

The creator Tony Gilroy confirms in The Wrap: “I had no idea for the post-credits scene. And my collaborator, Luke Hall, who is also the production designer, suggested to me when we were writing the episodes in the prison to do something that had never been done. So we decided to put these “electrified floors” there. And then afterwards we asked ourselves: but what are they building in this prison? Of course, we had this idea: they’re assembling parts for the Death Star!”

Andor the post credits scene explained - Andor: the post-credits scene explained

He then explains that the creative team passed on his idea to the visual effects department. “It’s a bit like Santa Claus for us! You give them your ideas and they come back with something concrete! They built it all digitally and gave it to us. We made a few edits, but this scene is their baby really.”

Beyond the wink Star Warsthis post-credits scene fromAndor is to be understood in a more global way, around the character of Cassian: “More broadly, I think you have to understand that Cassian is a bit like Zelig (the man-chameleon played by Woody Allen). Not in the shapeshifter, but in the fact that he participates in all those events that matter in the saga. We don’t want it to get contrived or do anything in a clumsy, manipulative way. But it is the centerpiece of Andor. This guy is in jail, getting radicalized and becoming a leader for the first time. There are all these elements that infuse into him when, symbolically, he builds this thing. He has no idea what it is, he will never know what it is. He’s building the thing that will eventually kill him…”

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