Cheat codes and console commands in Dota 2 - Cheat codes and console commands in Dota 2

Cheat codes and console commands in Dota 2

Cheat codes and console commands in Dota 2

Dota 2 is an online multiplayer battle arena video game where you level up and upgrade weapons, items and potions. In a ranked match, it becomes very difficult to level up and upgrade items, as there is not enough gold.

This is where cheat codes and console commands in Dota 2 come in handy. Keep in mind that you can only use Dota 2 cheat codes in custom games against bots. Never use third-party cheats and Dota 2 console commands in an online match against real people. This will result in a permanent ban.

How to open command console in Dota 2

To use cheat codes and console commands in Dota 2, click “Play Dota” and then select “Custom Lobby”. Now create a new lobby and check the “Enable cheats” box.

When you’re done, start a match and while playing press Enter to open the chat box, enter your cheat code and press Enter again to activate it.

cheat code Console command Action
-lvlup dota_hero_level Increases the hero’s level by the selected amount.
-levelbots dota_bot_give_level Increases the level of all bots in the game.
-item dota_create_item Gives the hero the desired item from the game.
-givebots dota_bot_give_item Gives all bots the desired item from the game
-gold dota_give_gold Get the specified amount of gold.
-refresh dota_hero_refresh Restores mana, restores health, and resets ability cooldowns.
-respawn dota_hero_respawn Will revive the hero near the fountain, can be used as a teleporter when the hero is alive.
-startgame dota_start_game Sets the timer to 0:00 and starts the game.
-wtf / -unwtf dota_ability_debug_enable / dota_ability_debug_disable Enable or disable mana consumption.
-allvision / -normalvision dota_all_vision_enable / dota_all_vision_disable Turn on or off the visibility of enemy heroes, buildings and units.
-clearwards dota_clear_wards Destroys all Observer Wards on the map.
-killwards dota_kill_wards Destroys all Observer Wards and Sentry Wards on the map.
-spawnrune dota_spawn_rune Puts runes in their places.
-spawncreeps dota_spawn_creeps Respawns creeps without waiting.
-spawnneutrals dota_spawn_neutrals Respawns neutral creeps without waiting.
-disablecreepspawn / -enablecreepspawn dota_creeps_no_spawning_enable / dota_creeps_no_spawning_disable Enable or disable crypt spawning.
-createhero dota_create_unit Creates the selected unit.
-ping Shows your current ping in the right corner of the screen.
-dumpbots Shows information about each bot/player at a given time.

List of cheat codes for items in Dota 2

The following list of item cheat codes can be used with the -item and -givebot cheats.

Subject cheat code
Abyssal Blade item_abyssal_blade
Aegis item_aegis
Ancient Janggo item_ancient_janggo
Arcane Boots item_arcane_boots
Armlet item_armlet
Assault Cuirass item_assault
Basher item_basher
Belt of Strength item_belt_of_strength
Battle Fury item_bfury
Black King Bar item_black_king_bar
Blade Mail item_blade_mail
Blade of Alacrity item_blade_of_alacrity
Blades of Attack item_blades_of_attack
Blink item_blink
Bloodstone item_bloodstone
Boots of Travel item_boots
Boots of Elves item_boots_of_elves
Bottle item_bottle
Bracer item_bracer
Iron Bunch item_branches
Broadsword item_broadword
Buckler item_buckler
Butterfly item_butterfly
chain mail item_chainmail
cheese item_cheese
circlet item_circlet
Clarity item_clarity
Claymore item_claymore
Cloak item_cloak
Courier item_courier
Cyclone item_cyclone
Dagon item_dagon
Demon Edge item_demon_edge
Desolator item_desolator
Diffusal Blade item_diffusal_blade
Dust of Appearance item_dust
Staff of the Eagle item_eagle
energy booster item_energy_booster
Ethereal Blade item_ethereal_blade
Healing Salve item_flask
Flying Courier item_flying_courier
Force Staff item_force_staff
Gauntlets of Strength item_gauntlets
Gem of True Sight item_gem
ghost scepter item_ghost
Gloves of Haste item_gloves
Daedalus item_greater_crit
Hand of Midas item_hand_of_midas
Headdress item_headdress
Heart of Tarrasque item_heart
Heaven’s Halberd item_heavens_halberd
Helm of Iron Will item_helm_of_iron_will
Helm of the Dominator item_helm_of_the_dominator
Hood of Defiance item_hood_of_defiance
Hyperstone item_hyperstone
Shadowblade item_invis_sword
Javelins item_javelin
Crystalys item_lesser_crit
Lifestealer item_lifesteal
Maelstrom item_maelstrom
Magic Stick item_magic_stick
magic wand item_magic_wand
Manta style item_manta
Mantle of Intelligence item_mantle
Mask of Madness item_mask_of_madness
Medallion of Courage item_medallion_of_courage
Mekansm item_mekansm
Mithril Hammer item_mithril_hammer
Mjollnir item_mjollnir
Monkey King Bar item_monkey_king_bar
Mystic Staff item_mystic_staff
Necronomicon item_necronomicon
Null Talisman item_null_talisman
Oblivion Staff item_oblivion_staff
Ogre Ax item_ogre_axe
Orb of Venom item_orb_of_venom
Orchid of Malevolence item_orchid
Perseverance item_pers
Phase Boots item_phase_boots
Pipe of Insight item_pipe
plate mail item_platemail
point booster item_point_booster
Poor Man’s Shield item_poor_mans_shield
Power Shield item_power_treads
Quarterstaff item_quarterstaff
Quelling Blade item_quelling_blade
Radiance item_radiance
Divine Rapier item_rapier
Reaver item_reaver
Refresher item_refresher
Sacred Relic item_relic
Ring of Aquila item_ring_of_aquila
Ring of Basilius item_ring_of_basilius
Ring of Health item_ring_of_health
Ring of Protection item_ring_of_protection
Ring of Regen item_ring_of_regen
Robe of the Magi item_robe
Rod of Atos item_rod_of_atos
Sange item_sange
Sange and Yasha item_sange_and_yasha
Satanic item_satanic
Sheepstick item_sheepstick
Shiva’s Guard item_shivas_guard
Skadi item_skadi
Slippers of Agility item_slippers
Smoke of Deceit item_smoke_of_deceit
sobi mask item_sobi_mask
soul booster item_soul_booster
Soul Ring item_soul_ring
Linken’s Sphere item_sphere
Staff of Wizardry item_staff_of_wizardry
Stout Shield item_stout_shield
Talisman of Evasion item_talisman_of_evasion
Tango item_tango
Teleport Scroll item_tpscroll
Tranquil Boots item_tranquil_boots
Boots of Travel item_travel_boots
Ultimate Orb item_ultimate_orb
Ultimate Scepter item_ultimate_scepter
Urn of Shadows item_urn_of_shadows
vanguard item_vanguard
Veil of Discord item_veil_of_discord
Vitality Booster item_vitality_booster
Vladimir item_vladmir
Void stone item_void_stone
Ward Observer item_ward_observer
Ward Sentry item_ward_sentry
Wraith Band item_wraith_band
Yasha item_yasha

List of cheat codes for heroes in Dota 2

Hero name cheat code
Abaddon npc_dota_hero_abaddon
Alchemist npc_dota_hero_alchemist
Ancient Apparition npc_dota_hero_ancient_apparition
Anti Mage npc_dota_hero_antimage
Ax npc_dota_hero_axe
Bane npc_dota_hero_bane
Batrider npc_dota_hero_batrider
Beastmaster npc_dota_hero_beastmaster
bloodseeker npc_dota_hero_bloodseeker
Bounty Hunter npc_dota_hero_bounty_hunter
Brewmaster npc_dota_hero_brewmaster
Bristleback npc_dota_hero_bristleback
Broodmother npc_dota_hero_broodmother
centaur npc_dota_hero_centaur
Chaos Knight npc_dota_hero_chaos_knight
Chen npc_dota_hero_chen
Clinkz npc_dota_hero_clinkz
Crystal Maiden npc_dota_hero_crystal_maiden
Darkseer npc_dota_hero_dark_seer
Dazzle npc_dota_hero_dazzle
Death Prophet npc_dota_hero_death_prophet
Disruptor npc_dota_hero_disruptor
Doom Bringer npc_dota_hero_doom_bringer
dragon knight npc_dota_hero_dragon_knight
Drow Ranger npc_dota_hero_drow_ranger
Earthshaker npc_dota_hero_earthshaker
Elder Titan npc_dota_hero_elder_titan
Enchantress npc_dota_hero_enchantress
Enigma npc_dota_hero_enigma
Faceless Void npc_dota_hero_faceless_void
Furion npc_dota_hero_furion
Gyrocopter npc_dota_hero_gyrocopter
Huskar npc_dota_hero_huskar
Invoker npc_dota_hero_invoker
Jakiro npc_dota_hero_jakiro
Juggernaut npc_dota_hero_juggernaut
Keeper of the Light npc_dota_hero_keeper_of_the_light
Kunkka npc_dota_hero_kunkka
Leshrac npc_dota_hero_leshrac
Lich npc_dota_hero_lich
Life Stealer npc_dota_hero_life_stealer
Lina npc_dota_hero_lina
Leon npc_dota_hero_lion
Lone Druid npc_dota_hero_lone_druid
Luna npc_dota_hero_luna
Lycan npc_dota_hero_lycan
Magnataur npc_dota_hero_magnataur
medusa npc_dota_hero_medusa
Meepo npc_dota_hero_meepo
Mirana npc_dota_hero_mirana
Morphing npc_dota_hero_morphling
Naga Siren npc_dota_hero_naga_siren
Necrolyte npc_dota_hero_necrolyte
Never more npc_dota_hero_nevermore
night stalker npc_dota_hero_night_stalker
Nyx Assassin npc_dota_hero_nyx_assassin
Obsidian Destroyer npc_dota_hero_obsidian_destroyer
Ogre Magi npc_dota_hero_ogre_magi
Omniknight npc_dota_hero_omniknight
phantom assassin npc_dota_hero_phantom_assassin
Phantom Lancer npc_dota_hero_phantom_lancer
Pack npc_dota_hero_puck
Pudge npc_dota_hero_pudge
Pugna npc_dota_hero_pugna
Queen of Pain npc_dota_hero_queenofpain
Rattletrap npc_dota_hero_rattletrap
Razor npc_dota_hero_razor
Riki npc_dota_hero_riki
Rubick npc_dota_hero_rubick
Sand King npc_dota_hero_sand_king
Shadow Demon npc_dota_hero_shadow_demon
Shadow Shaman npc_dota_hero_shadow_shaman
Shredder npc_dota_hero_shredder
Silencer npc_dota_hero_silencer
Skeleton King npc_dota_hero_skeleton_king
Skywrath Mage npc_dota_hero_skywrath_mage
stardar npc_dota_hero_slardar
Slark npc_dota_hero_slark
Sniper npc_dota_hero_sniper
spectrum npc_dota_hero_spectre
Spirit Breaker npc_dota_hero_spirit_breaker
Storm Spirit npc_dota_hero_storm_spirit
Sven npc_dota_hero_sven
Templar Assassin npc_dota_hero_templar_assassin
Tidehunter npc_dota_hero_tidehunter
tinker npc_dota_hero_tinker
Tiny npc_dota_hero_tiny
Treant npc_dota_hero_treant
Troll Warlord npc_dota_hero_troll_warlord
Tusk npc_dota_hero_tusk
Undying npc_dota_hero_undying
Ursa npc_dota_hero_ursa
Vengeful Spirit npc_dota_hero_vengefulspirit
Venomancer npc_dota_hero_venomancer
Viper npc_dota_hero_viper
vision npc_dota_hero_visage
Warlock npc_dota_hero_warlock
Weaver npc_dota_hero_weaver
windrunner npc_dota_hero_windrunner
Wisp npc_dota_hero_wisp
witch doctor npc_dota_hero_witch_doctor
Zuus npc_dota_hero_zuus

Cheat codes and console commands in Dota 2

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