Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion

You will not have to be patient much longer before you yourselves Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion may play. By now we could a few hours spend with the upcoming new edition of the PSP games and would like you below our first impressions describe before our big test.

Come on, SOLDIER!

We slip into the skin of Soldier 2nd Rank Zack Fair, whose big dream is to become a hero. But first he has to take care of other things, because there are problems in his squad: Several SOLDIER warriors deserted and currently no one knows how it could have happened.

Therefore, as Zack, we try to clarify the reasons for these developments. Our path leads us first, among other things, during a night mission to Wutai and during the day to another, much sunnier region. There, Zack quickly realizes that there seems to be more to it than that.

The story is timed set before the events of Final Fantasy VII, but as fans you can of course look forward to seeing some familiar faces again. In comparison with the PSP original, the staging of the action benefits from Square Enix’ revisions.

Thanks to the upgraded technology, the character models look much more real and show more natural emotions. In addition, they shine even then extremely pretty render movies in new splendor. In our opinion, however, the dialogues of “Crisis Core” have benefited the most so far.

Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion - Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion
Zack is tasked with tracking down deserted SOLDIER warriors © Square Enix

In contrast to the original, all scenes are now provided with a voice output, which noticeably benefits the immersion. There are virtually no more simple text boxes that you have to click through.

This makes the presentation overall a big leap forward.

More jagged sword fights

That was also modernized Action RPG combat system, which is now smoother than it was on the PSP back then. This is due to, among other things revised interfacewhich is reminiscent of that from “Final Fantasy VII Remake”, as well as the now finally freely rotatable camera.

Everything is in the remaster now a tad snappier.

1669724412 613 Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion - Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion
The battles in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion feel really good! ©Square Enix

That being said, the spin-off’s struggles generally do a lot of funlargely because Zack quite agile Is on the way. His attacks pack a nice punch, although we wish the block button in skirmishes was there react even more directly would.

Of course, in a “Final Fantasy” the powerful incantations are not missing and their strongest attacks are staged in a really visually stunning way. Fire Demon Ifrit For example, dash down to earth like oiled lightning and then send several powerful rollers of fire towards your enemy.

Thanks to the properly drilled-out technology, all of this can also be seen pretty chic out!

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Overall, the new edition of the PSP classic already made during our most recent play opportunity a very good impression. Fans of the original seem to be looking forward to one worthy reissue to look forward to, while all those who had missed the game at the time, the remaster be sure to keep an eye on it should.

Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion is coming on December 13, 2022 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, the Nintendo Switch and PC (via Steam).

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion

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