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Cursed Again – Movie Review – BlengaOne

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Amy Adams as Giselle, Sofia (played by Mila Lara Jackson), Gabriella Baldacchino as Morgan Philip, and Patrick Dempsey as Robert Philip in The Cursed Again © Disney Enterprises, Inc.

In 2007 a film with old Disney Channel charm was released. This film asked itself a simple question. What if a princess from a magical land ended up in our world at the hands of a wicked witch with absolutely no idea what life in New York City is all about.

That sounds like a crazy idea at first and it is, but it was told with a lot of charm and warmth, so that you couldn’t be angry with this film for anything. It was a typical 2000’s movie and it had that magic that a lot of family movies used to have. The fact that this is exactly what the new one can do is the first strength. You can’t tell it’s been 15 years, and it feels a lot like that decade, too. So at a time when there are no more films like this, you dare to do something and it works out perfectly. It works even better than Hocus Pocus 2. This one came out a few weeks ago and has had a similar issue. He was also a real Disney Channel hit and he was brought to a time when there was no longer such a thing. Of course, Disney is all about content for their streaming site and not trying to be creative, but when things work out like they did with the two titles, they’re easily forgiven.

The sequel is 15 minutes longer than its predecessor and while that one was released on 12/20/07, part 2 was released on 11/16/22 as mentioned on Disney+. Cursed 2 isn’t going to be released again, it’s only available to watch this one way, and while the director hasn’t had much film experience, Amy Adams is now working as a producer. She didn’t do that in the previous one. In essence, this is about Giselle, she still lives with Robert in New York. She could be happy, but realizes that she misses her fairytale world more and more. So she is happy when the two move into a new house with their daughter Morgan and the new baby. She could feel more comfortable there, but she doesn’t really do it. Then Prince Edward and Nancy come and give the baby a very special magic wand that can do a lot of good things. But when it falls into the wrong hands, it causes a lot of chaos. Unfortunately, those fake hands are Giselle’s. She casts a spell and has no idea of ​​the dangers it will bring.

While in the first part you didn’t know exactly how far you can go and how much moviegoers can accept and endure, it’s clearer now and the work feels calmer as a result. But it’s not really quiet here! The film remains special and will definitely turn some consumers off. But if you want something like that and already liked the predecessor, you will be happy with this. It brings together all the strengths of its predecessor. It is very magical, emotional and in some places you can smile. It’s again a good idea to combine the fairy tale and real worlds and there are lots of bright colors to get your fill of. Amy Adams is still perfect in this role and once again had a lot of fun. You also notice the same thing as in the film itself. She’s also calmer and tidier in her role, but even with her as the protagonist it doesn’t get boring and an interesting idea is implemented around her that could backfire, but feels just right. She is joined by Patrick Dempsey, James Marsden, Idina Menzel and Gabriella Baldacchino. This is a very fitting cast that as a fan you can be happy to see them again and they are the way you used to love them. You don’t feel that time has passed either. There is a lot of singing here (typically for the genre) and almost all of the songs sound really nice. So it can also do all the strengths of the predecessor. The weaknesses here are in the new things. The villain is very one-dimensional, badly written and you can’t do much with her. However, that is not necessarily due to the script, but rather to the actress herself. There are enough other films in which she acts in a similar way and that’s just not good. But if you’re fine with the actress, it might work better.

The sequel “Verweihmal” definitely doesn’t need to hide and is maybe even better than its predecessor. It seems earthier and as a production team you knew how far you could go, so you don’t try it that much, but as a consumer you also know what you’re getting. But that does not mean that it will be 0815! You definitely remain creative here, have many great and colorful ideas and also orientate yourself on other fairy tales, so if you are well positioned there, you will also be able to recognize a few Easter Eggs.

by Peter Brewer

Cursed Again – Movie Review – BlengaOne

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