Cyberpunk 2077: Spellbound – Side Mission Guide

Cyberpunk 2077: Spellbound – Side Mission Guide

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In “Spellbound,” V is assigned to buy a special book owned by an informant. If done correctly, V can also find a legendary crafting recipe.

Cyberpunk 2077 Spellbound Side Mission Guide - Cyberpunk 2077: Spellbound - Side Mission GuideCyberpunk 2077 offers a wealth of side missions and contracts, many of which offer impressive rewards. The side quest “Spellbound” in Cyberpunk 2077 is no exception. The side mission rewards a bunch of Eddies and, if done correctly, unlocks a Legendary crafting recipe for one of the best quickhacks in the game. In this side mission, V is tasked by Nix to purchase a specific book that simply says “Grimoire” is called. It is currently with an informant, and Nix is ​​unsure of her intentions.

How to get Spellbound side mission

To get this side mission, you must first “Ghost Town” be completed. After some time has passed, the Afterlife can be visited again, and Nix informs that he has a job to fill.

Walkthrough for Spellbound

The following steps are necessary to complete the Spellbound side job:

  • Go to Nix who is in a back room of Afterlife.
  • Speak to Nix to learn about a spellbook he found trying to sell it online. He wants V to buy it for him in case there are any problems. The contact’s alias is R3n0.
  • Exit the Afterlife and call R3n0.
  • R3n0 gives an address and demands that V come alone.
  • Head to the address and meet up with R3n0 at an upscale outdoor bar. She will tell V that the grimoire is hidden in a safe place.
  • There are several ways to get the coordinates of R3n0’s lair, but this isn’t nearly the most difficult decision V makes in Cyberpunk. Whichever path is chosen, keep in mind that she is armed with a Palica shotgun and in control of the camera system around V:
    • Access the laptop next to her on the counter. Bypassing the code on the laptop requires hooking in and using at least one datamin daemon. Of the four files on the laptop, one contains the Grimoire’s coordinates, and two others inform V that R3n0’s real name is Clarity. She works for Hard Wire Ltd., who hired her to copy and destroy the grimoire, which she didn’t want to do…
    • You pay her 7,300 Eddies. If she gets paid, she just gives V the coordinates. Causing her grief for being a petty imposter only violates her dignity.
  • Go to the coordinates and open the pink suitcase there to find an old-fashioned tablet called “Grimoire”. Johnny describes it as the best there was at the time. loot it
  • It is possible to hack the book before returning it to Nix. This will unlock the Grimoire and give you a crafting recipe for the Legendary Reboot quickhack. This quick hack is particularly useful. It has a passive effect that reduces RAM costs after defeating an enemy and stacks up to 6 times.
  • To hack the Grimoire, the following optional instructions must be followed:
    • Locate the Grimoire Shard listed under an unnamed category at the bottom of the shard menu.
    • Press Enter for Crack Security. The Breach Protocol screen will open.
    • Only the third and fourth datamin daemon need to be uploaded. The code for the grimoire is the same in each round.
  • Return to Nix to give him the Grimoire. During mission turn-in, it’s possible to get Nix to pay significantly more for the Grimoire, namely 16,000 instead of 11,200. This requires an Intelligence of at least 9.

What to do next

Completing “Spellbound” is a necessary requirement for another mission that Nix offers: “Kold Mirage“. To begin this side quest, simply head to the location in the Badlands where V had a fateful encounter with Dexter Deshawn and Takemura. Alternatively, Kold Mirage can also be started by reading the clue found during I’m Selling These Fine Leather Jackets.

by Torge Christiansen

Cyberpunk 2077: Spellbound – Side Mission Guide

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