DayZ update 1.46 fixes exploits

DayZ update 1.46 fixes exploits

DayZ update 146 fixes exploits - DayZ update 1.46 fixes exploits

Bohemia Interactive is removing some exploits from the horror survival game strong>DayZ today. It is the fourth hotfix to the recent content update 1.19. We’ll give you all the details about the November 30 update.

The brand new DayZ Update 1.46 brings no new content, but there are some optimizations and bug fixes. Among other things, there were problems with the watchtowers, because players could not place items there.

DayZ Update 1.46 Release Notes – 1.19 Hotfix

Console 1.19 Update 4 – Version 1.19.155542


  • Fixed several exploits related to object and terrain bugs.
  • Fixed server crash related to animations.
  • It was not possible to place items on watchtower floors.
  • Servers favored in 2019 could lead to a BIOS error (0x00050009) in the server browser.
  • It was possible to kill infected with a regular hit of a melee stealth kill weapon.


  • Character stuttered when moving sideways with modified timetoStrafe parameters.

That’s it already! If you want to look at the official texts you can do so in the DayZ Forum.

You can find more news about the game here on our topic page.

DayZ update 1.46 fixes exploits

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