Destiny 2: Xur today on 12/2/22

Destiny 2: Xur today on 12/2/22

Where does Xur stand today on December 2, 2022? In this guide, we will show you where the Destiny 2 dealer opens his black market trade.

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There is not much going on in Destiny 2 at the moment, there is no new content, dungeons or events. The only thing running is the community event. But even if it’s flattened out a bit, today will be Xur day again.

Xur, the black market trader is coming with new offers and armor! He spawns in a random location every Friday night and we want to help you find him quickly.

You can buy exotic equipment and weapons from the black market trader. You don’t need any money to buy his goods, Xur offers his items in exchange for “Legendary Shards‘, which you can find throughout the game.

Where is Xur today on December 2, 2022

Please remember that we had a time change, it is winter time and Xur will no longer appear at 7:00 p.m., but at 6:00 p.m.!

Location 12/2/22:
You can find Xur on the planet today ETZ in the area of Winding Bay. If he’s not there – Return to orbit and fly there again. It can definitely happen that Xur is a little longer in coming on some servers!

Destiny 2 Xur location on 12/2/22


Exotic gear:

  • Cerberus+1 – Auto Rifle
  • Wyvern Crown – Helm for hunters
  • Peregrine Falcon Greaves – Leg armor for Titans
  • Skull of the Dreadful Ahamkara – Helmet for Warlocks

Destiny 2: Xur today on 12/2/22

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