Elden Ring: How to build a blackflame reaper

Elden Ring: How to build a blackflame reaper

Get your black glory scythes and spells ready for this build!

  • statistical building
  • First weapon: winged scythe
  • Godslayer#39 ;s Seal and Black Flame Spells
  • Second weapon: Grave scythe
  • Alternative weapon
  • Armor Options
  • Mascot selection
  • Amazing Physics Suggestions

There is a different style of play for every Elden Ring tarnished in the interdungeons. There is no right answer when it comes to the path you take to become an Elder Lord, but some paths may be easier than others. Among these easier paths, there is one available at the beginning of the game and quite reasonable to stick to until the very end: Reaper of the Black Flame.

The Black Flame Harvester is a specialized Assembly Faith-Dexwhich is flexible enough to allow two unique playstyles and boasts great versatility in their support and offensive capabilities without requiring a high level of skill to master. In this build, you will primarily focus on using braidapplication black flame spells and having a backup weapon for those cunning enemies that resist your primary damage types ( holy, fire, chopping and bleeding).


Class choice and keepsake

At the start of the game, there are ten available classes to choose from. Of these classes, for this build, and for those with little experience with Elden Ring, it’s recommended to start with Confessor.

Confessor Starting Stats

Energy ten
Mind 13
Endurance ten
Strength 12
Agility 12
Weapon Broadsword, Ring
Armor Confessor Set, Blue Crest Heat Shield
spells Emergency Treatment, Approach of the Assassin


Confessor recommended by three basic principles:

  1. Him highest entry level in the group, which reduces customization options but increases your initial advantage. .
  2. Him the second largest parameter of Faithas well as reliable Strength and Dexterity.
  3. Everything starts with seal that allows you to cast spells from the first day.

While Prophet is also a decent choice, it suffers from the need to level up to reach the minimum requirements for the first scythe, slower healing, and less bulky starting gear. For a beginner, Confessor is a safer choice.

Souvenir launch

As a memento of any assembly, it is almost always offered goldenseed.. Adds charge to flasks. However, if you’d rather have more overall health and aren’t sure you’ll be able to heal often and safely in combat, it’s recommended to choose instead Crimson Ember medallion. It should be the first and only talisman for a while in the very early game and provide additional five percent of maximum HP.

Is not recommended. go for stone sword key; however, you will need it when entering Stormvale Castle. Once the stone sword key is found, it must not be used on the misty doors or gargoyles outside until a specific door in the castle is opened.

stat building

Depending on your style is two recommended development paths:

  • For those who like to cut, cut and meleeit is recommended to choose melee pathfocusing on combination of Faith and Dexterityand enhanced energy due to mind points.
melee stats
Energy 45
Intelligence 25
Endurance 25
Strength 17
Agility 37
Intelligence 9
Faith 60
Arcana 9


  • For those who want to focus on ranged combat using the Assortment of Spells and Weapon Arts, it is recommended to go for spell paths With huge investment in Vera. This particular path can certainly deal damage, but it also works very well as support class with minor changes and an increase in the number of spells you learn and continue to wear.
Spell stats
Energy 40
Intelligence thirty
Endurance 27
Strength 17
Agility twenty
Intelligence 9
Faith 75
Arcane 9


First Weapon: Winged Scythe

The first weapon you should be aiming at right after launch is the winged scythe.

Basic attack (standard)
Physical (Slash) 87
Saint 104
Passive Effects Bleeding Accumulation (55)
Weapon art Angel wings
Basic Attack (+10/max upgrade)
Physical (Slash) 213
Saint 254
Passive Effects Increasing Bleeding (55)
Weapon Angel wings
processing requirements
Strength (E->D ) 16
Agility (D->C) 16
Faith (D->C) 24


Skill Requirements and Distribution of Future Attributes

Choosing the Confessor class means you’ll need to level up at least eighteen times to have the stats to wield this weapon. There is a way to bypass the stat requirements with talismans such as Seal of Radagon’s Disease or Family heirloom of the owner of the prosthesisbut the novice player is advised to focus on leveling up and maybe redistributing points later if you wish.

If you want to change your character’s stats with Rebirth later, it is recommended that you exchange your Strength points for Intelligence or Dexterity, depending on the path you have chosen for your character. play style.

Usage Soreseal by Radagonwill give you the points you need to wield scythes and redistribute up to ten points by taking more damage from enemies. Usage relics of the owner of the prosthesis will increase your dexterity without any disadvantage to free up to five points. The location of each can be found here.

Obtaining the Winged Scythe

You will find Winged Scythe south of Limgrave, across the fireballista bridge and onto weeping peninsula. In order to get across the bridge, it is recommended to cross it quickly on Torrent to get to the place of grace on the other side.

Once on the peninsula, you’ll want to take a direct shot towards Ruins Tomb, picking up places of grace along the way if you can, but avoiding many enemies that you may not be ready for yet.

In the ruins of the Tomb there will be a staircase descending underground. winged scythe will be outside the door and in the chest, guarded by two pages. They each carry a fire crossbow and rapier, and are fast enemies with two-attack combos and deadly ranged attacks. They can be a problem for new and experienced players, so tread carefully. Because of the darkness, it is recommended to lure them outside and try to focus on each of them.

By defeating them, you can take winged scythe.

How to use your winged scythe

Yours first the scythe will be your main weapon and deals damage. Later you can switch to another scythe or focus on spells, but Winged Scythe will be your only attack method until Storm Shroud.

The scythe can be wielded with one hand at relative speed, dealing up to four combos with moderate damage. Your other hand can be used with Seal to free your hand for spells, both healing and damaging, or it can be used with a shield.

Recommended leaving her alone in the first place – awarded for speed to maximize bleeding accumulation as quickly as possible and give you enough time to back off when necessary and cast spells. However, in case of opponents who are particularly bulky or immune to bleedingextensions may be a wise decision switch to two-handed combat.

Your main advantage Winged Scythe is her special ability. : Angel wings. This is a two-hit combo attack that Incredibly increases resilience during animation and makes the caster float above the ground and move forward a few feet towards your target. He deals a large amount of holy damage, increases bleeding and can stun opponents. In addition, this relatively inexpensive skilladding to its long list of impressive benefits. As an early game weapon, it can easily be calledone of the best available.

For deadly combos against opponents you play aggressively against, you can make the most of this scythe. with one hand. by attacking three times (not completing a full combo) and then using skill Angel wingsto close. Most enemies will be bled after the fifth hit in a rowa most humanoid mobs will be stunned. However, this requires a lot of staminaso be careful with aggressive or fast enemies.

Upgrading Your Scythe Before Stormveil

To improve your scythe, you need to collect Gloomy Smithing Stones and open Round Table Fortress.

The Round Table Keep can be unlocked in a number of ways. , but the main requirement is activate grace site outside Limgrave or defeat Margit. Because the Margit resists holy damageit is recommended that you try to get out of Limgrave instead of upgrading your weapons before the fight.

While there are several ways to get outside of Limgrave, including teleporting to Celia’s Crystal Mines, one of the easiest and most lucrative ways. climbs Storm Hill and immediately turns right east. Find Summonwater villagewin there tibial sailorTalk with D and go to Third Church of Marika. >. You will receive another sacred tear and nearby you will find a secret portal hidden nearby, which will lead you to a room in N. Kalid. Give the good beast Root of deathwhich you found along the way, and sit on a nearby place of grace.

Don’t try to leave the room at N. Caelid. Enemies outside will prove to be a problem in the early levels.

However, remember this place when you are better prepared. If you’re suffering from a rune level up later, come back here, ignore the guard outside the door (he won’t attack you) and fight the little minions outside. They drop a significant amount of runes.

After resting there at the Place of Grace, you can get to the Round Table Fortress. Talk to the actors there and find the master blacksmith, Hyugawhich the reforge your weaponsand later add War Ashes to them per cost of some runes and necessary components.

Seal of the Deicide and Black Flame Spells

Much of your gameplay before Stormveil will depend heavily on your scythe. However, this build also depends on spells.work. While the Winged Scythe skill, Angel Wings, is a good way to close distance and keep your balance with attacks, early gameplay will suffer from a lack of ranged combat options.

The second part of this build requires you to finally storm the hill, defeat Margit, and enter Stormveil Castle. The average Reaper should be wary of Margit’s holy damage resistance, but now with an upgraded scythe and a few levels, he should have an easier time than he otherwise would. Before this fight, make sure you have enough points invested in Energy and Endurance.

Once at the castle, continue exploring at your leisure until you reach the location lifting chamber. grace.

From there, go through the huge courtyard outside. Run along the right wall, past the tall wooden lookout pole, and down the stairs to the secret room, ignoring most of the enemies along the way. By now, you should have the Stone Sword Key, which you can use to open the misty doorway in the basement.

Inside you’ll find two items: Seal of the Godslayer and Prayer book from the Skin of God. The Seal can now be worn in place of your Finger Seal and upgraded with normal Blacksmith Stones.

Base Stats (Standard)
Physical Damage 25
Spell Scaling 127-152
Scaling Faith C
Passive Effects Empowers Godslayer spells
Base Stats (+25/Max Upgrades)
Physical Damage 43
Spell Scaling 181-257
Scaling Faith S
Passive Effects Empowers Godslayer spells
processing requirements
Strength (E ->D) four
Faith (C->S) 27


To use the Godskin Prayer Book, you can give it to two people: Brother Kochrin in the round table holdand the great turtle priest, Miriel, in the Church of the Promises. Since the Church of the Vows is located in Liurnia and is currently inaccessible (unless you take the secret route around Stormvale Castle), it is recommended to give it to brother Kochrin. Once you do that, he will be able to sell you the two required spells: Black flame and Black Flame Blade.

If you don’t already have the three additional faith points to use the Seal of the Godslayer, farm a few thousand souls in the castle before fighting the final boss: Godric the Grafted.

How to use spells

For melee builds, you will use your scythe mostly with one hand and use Black flamewhen you want to deal damage from a distance or complement any damage against enemies, where your holy damage might not be as effective. The black flame will also is critical against enemies like the giant arms in Liurniaas they will light up and give you time to deal massive holy damage to them.

In spell builds, you will use Black Flame to deal total damage over time your enemies, adding more spells along the way, then move in to deal damage with Angel Wings. To deal even more damage, you can also use Flame give me strength.which increases all fire damage. This will be critical to increasing the damage of both your spells and your late game scythe.

This seal stops scaling well once you reach 60 in Faith. Those who want to get above 60 are advised to switch to a more efficient one instead. Erdtree’s seal.

Second weapon: Tomb of Kos

After defeating Godric, a second weapon will become available to you. To obtain grave scythe, you will need to enter Liurnia from Stormvale. Near Rocks overlooking the lake Use the Plot of Grace to go down the first hill and enter the cemetery. Three skeletons will spawn there, and each has a small chance to get a rare grave scythe. Most will need a lot of patience to find it, but the results are worth it.

Basic attack (standard)
Physical (Slash) 144
Passive Effects Bleeding Accumulation (55)
Weapon drawing spinning slash
Basic Attack (+25/Max Upgrade)
Physical Attack (Slash) 352
Passive Effects Bleeding Accumulation (55)
Weapon drawing spinning slash
processing requirements
Strength (D->C) 17
Agility (D) 13


Remember: you can use a consumable item Silver Pickled Fowl Footto increase your Discovery score. This can greatly reduce the time it takes for the scythe to fall.

Featured Ashes of War

Grave Scythe There is a row of ash that you can use with this weapon until you reach the end game version; For this particular build:

  • sacred blade
  • Flame Redman
  • Sword dant
  • Phantom Dash (Mid Game)
  • Black Flame Tornado (End Game/Goal)

How to use a grave scythe

As a secondary weapon, your grave scythe should not deal holy damage (unless you prefer the caster path, equip Holy Blade and use a series of deadly ranged attacks). First it best used as an alternative until you find the talismans you need to make this build truly shine. This leaves you with a choice of how you want to characterize your scythe, giving you the choice of how much damage you want to deal with your secondary weapon.

After you have found Phantom Slash, you can start using the Grave Scythe as your primary weapon. Weapon Art allows you to deal massive damage, cause bleeding quickly, and add weapon enchantments of your choice. At this point you will probably use blade of black flame.spell. This is the fastest spell to add elemental damage to a weapon, but it can be even faster if cast after being cast. To maximize damage and speed, you need to roll, use Black Flame Blade, then use Phantom Slash and sign your enemy’s death warrant.

After you go to the Peaks of the Giants and commit a mortal sin, you will find yourself in Farum Azulawhere you end up getting Black Flame Tornado. It will be your ashes of war in the endgame, and its devastating damage and wide attack area will quickly kill or stun several of your enemies. It increases with Faith, can be enhanced by your Seal of the Godslayer and further enhanced with Flame give me strength.

Alternative weapon

The main task of this assembly is Reaper Weapon Specializationsuch as Winged and Grave Scythes. It is possible to go through the whole game without changing it even once. However, there are certain enemies that can be a major problem for the player without other weapons at hand. Enemies that will create a major problem for this build include Shooting Star Beast (young and adult) and Commander Niall on the Peaks of the Giants.

The two weapons that should already be at your disposal are Godslayer’s Two-Handed Sword and Flayer of the Gods. Both have innate black flame abilitieswhich deal significant damage and are considered standard weapon, providing excellent alternatives against enemies with slash resistance. Usage night rider’s flail is also a great alternative against enemies that require some kind of impact damage.

Armor Options

In any Souls game, especially Elden Ring, you can continue to wear your starting armor from start to finish. Armor of the Confessor is a particularly versatile set that not necessary to change, but you can only benefit from some of the armor you encounter along the way. your journey.

The best armor style for this build is Medium armor. Standard and readily available armor options include:

  • Armor of the Carian Knight
  • Radan Armor Set
  • Fingerprint Armor
  • Bladed Armor
  • Raptor set

Mascot selection

The choice of a mascot largely depends on how much you are willing to explore and what play style you develop along the way. Here are some basic guidelines for using talismans:

  • Soreseal Radagon’s
  • Family heirloom of the owner of the prosthesis
  • Shard of Alexander
  • Sacred Scorpion Charm
  • Crimson Assassin’s Dagger
  • Ancestral Spirit Horn

Amazing Physick Deals

There are a few breaks that are especially handy in this build. First of all, it is recommended to use cracked tear of a stone thorn (30 percent damage while standing) and opal bubble tear (almost invulnerability per hit) together.

With this build already having a high chance to stagger, Cracked Stonethorn Tear should be the nail in the coffin, and Opal Bubble Tear should give you a chance to land at least one successful skill attack before taking any serious damage. Any damage taken must be repaired when used in tandem with the talisman Crimson Assassin’s Dagger after the enemy has been hit.

Other possible and excellent tears to use include:

  • Cracked tear hiding holiness
  • Fiery tear that hides
  • Crystal Tear Knot of Faith
  • sky blue hidden tear

Elden Ring: How to build a blackflame reaper

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