Elemental Titans Cheats – 3D Idle Arena Cheats Dec 2022

Elemental Titans Cheats – 3D Idle Arena Cheats Dec 2022

Last updated: December 1, 2022

Elemental Titans Codes – Mobile RPG from ALL9FUN LTD. – 3D Idle Arena Cheats – Use these codes to get free in-game rewards and gifts such as heroes, coins, tickets and other rewards.

Redeem these codes to receive free in-game rewards and gifts such as heroes, coins, tickets, and other rewards.

Elemental Titans Cheats – Complete List

These are all available Giftcodes Elemental Titans codes:

  • etTurkey – Redeem a gift code for some rewards (Expires Dec 2)
  • ETnv11Fc – Redeem for a gift code for some rewards (expires November 30th)
  • F2PBooster – exchange code for a gift code to receive some rewards
  • ETitansFTW – Redeem your gift code for some rewards.
  • TITAN666 – Redeem a gift code code to receive some rewards.
  • TITAN888 – Redeem a gift code code for some rewards.

We will be updating this list of valid codes so keep an eye on us as we will be adding each new code as it becomes available.

Elemental Titans social media channels, channels from which they announce codes:

  • Facebook:
  • Twitter: ??
  • Instagram: ??
  • tic tak: ??
  • YouTube: ??
  • Download here:
  • Discord:
  • Apple: Click here to download Elemental Titans
  • Google Play:
  • Internet: Simply click in the following website link −

While you don’t have to follow them, if you don’t want to, we will update the list.

Expired Codes

These codes no longer work:

Elemental Titans codes – how to use?

How to activate the Elemental Titans code: Click on the avatar – “Settings” – enter the code

Here are the steps to redeem codes:

  • Launch Elemental Titans on your device
  • Complete the basic tutorial in the game.
  • Navigate to the avatar icon in the top left corner of the home screen.
  • In code button
  • Copy and paste the code above
  • Click on the button to redeem the code and enjoy free gifts!
  • Also, if you need to know how to redeem a code, just watch the following video, thanks to Youtuber:

    About elemental titans

    Welcome to Elemental Titans: 3D Idle Arena Cheats

    Mythic Star Rank is now available! Evaluate the full potential of the titans right now!

    Cheer up!

    New pet system: Animons! Animons are magical creatures with a variety of forms. Once an Animon is paired with a Titan, they can be a great help in battles. You can pray at the Animon Fountain to collect Animon Eggs. If you hatch them, you can get wonderful creatures like snow phoenix, star deer, thunder duck and maybe… dragons?

    Choose your item!

    Choose from 6 elements to form your team. Each Titan has its own elemental affinity, which can be enhanced by other Titans of the same element. Light and Dark Titans are the most versatile, opening up more options as part of a team.

    Classic puzzles and mini-games

    Elemental Titans has a collection of your favorite puzzles and mini-games in the form of daily quests. Take to the skies with Dragon Jump or run a mile with Frog Jump; Try your luck in Sinopoly or Mines! The most exciting and rewarding mode will be Burning Hollow, where you go through three Minesweeper stages, but with a twist that requires tactics and skill.

    Simple 3D controls and real-time combat.

    Elemental Titans creates a unique 3D circular arena where players control their team with the swipe of a finger. This allows the battlefield to effectively increase spatial depth, creating many unusual mechanics.

    Co-op raids and continuous dungeons

    Players can fully immerse themselves in co-op raids and dungeons thanks to the aforementioned 3D mechanics. Elemental Titans 5- and 10-man co-op raids are crazy! This is the endgame for all players and everyone gets their moment to shine.

    Want to raid a dungeon?

    Manuals for other codes

    Also you can check another list of codes if you play any of these games. We recommend adding websites to your favorites (by pressing Ctrl + D):

    Elemental Titans Cheats – 3D Idle Arena Cheats Dec 2022

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