Elite Dangerous: The Thargoid attack has begun

Elite Dangerous: The Thargoid attack has begun

Update 14 for Elite Dangerous is here, and with it begins the Thargoid onslaught.

Eight huge anomalies called Malestroms herald the Thargoid attack. As soon as an invasion of a system begins, you will have to deal with countless Thargoid ships.

What Update 14 has to offer

It’s up to you to find out what lies within these maelstroms.

You can actively support the war effort against the Thargoids through combat as well as through less confrontational means.

When a system falls to the Thargoids there are visible changes and settlements and starports there are either badly damaged or abandoned.

Update 14 also brings an updated Thargoid interceptor, the Orthrus. It doesn’t behave like the other ships in the game “and its precise purpose must be revealed so that humanity has a chance to stop the Thargoid attack,” it says.

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Elite Dangerous: The Thargoid attack has begun

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