Elite Dangerous Update 1.70 – New Thargoid content and fixes

Elite Dangerous Update 1.70 – New Thargoid content and fixes

The people behind the first-person shooter Elite Dangerous bring us some new content and improvements today! The brand new update 1.70 has been made available and we will tell you all the details about it!

Elite Dangerous Update 170 – New Thargoid content and fixes - Elite Dangerous Update 1.70 – New Thargoid content and fixes

Frontier Developments developers have released a new patch for “Elite Dangerous“ completed. We’re finally getting some new content that belongs to the Thargoid area. There are also tons of adjustments and bug fixes, especially the scanning is changed.

The brand newElite Dangerous Update 1.70‘ is available for download now, for all platforms. The developers also get it as Update 14. The file size is around 5 GB, depending on the platform. But alright, let’s get to the actual topic, the patch notes!

Elite Dangerous Patch Notes 1.70

  • New content and gameplay for the ongoing Thargoid narrative. Good luck, commanders!
  • The base payout for scanning organics has been increased.
  • Increased first time organic scan multiplier from 2 to 5.
  • Commanders playing “Live” have a new “Reset to Orbit” option in the options menu to extricate themselves from unintended sticky situations.

Fixed community issues

  • Fixed severe shadow flicker after update 12.
  • Numerous performance improvements have been made to mitigate sudden drops in performance when approaching a settlement.
  • Fixed atmospheric composition rendering causing discoloration on AMD RX 6000 series graphics card drivers.
  • Fixed a color error when equipping a flight suit outfit piece over a non-flight suit.
  • Fixed 1D shield cell banks showing a damage falloff instead of max ammo.
  • An invisible wall at Prospector’s Rest blocked access to Selene Jean – How confused must she have been?
  • Fixed collapsed doors on Thargoid imprints not blocking walkthrough for players.
  • Fixed Testament Megaship being unreachable.
  • Fixed galaxy map system connecting lines not staying turned off.
  • Fixed an issue where “Cactoida Pullulanta – Green” was being referred to as “Cactoida Vermis – Green”.
  • Fixed the Scarab not fitting under the Diamondback Scout.
  • Fixed not being able to hide routes in the live galaxy map (4.0) as was possible in Legacy (3.8).
  • Fixed Thargoids detecting meta alloys in your cargo hold, causing the game to crash often.
  • Fixed the Galaxy Map Missions tab taking you to the wrong system for item restoration missions.
  • Fixed filter settings in the galaxy map being cleared after closing the map.


  • AX rocket rack damage has been increased.
  • Updated the description of AX weapons.


  • Thargoid ships have been prevented from unexpectedly jumping out of conflict zones.
  • Fixed Thargoid ships sometimes getting stuck in their dying state.
  • Fixed the humanoid AI sometimes getting stuck in their death animations – Nightmare Fuel Scenario…

That was not all! The list of changes is a lot longer and you can check it out on the official website.

If you’re looking for more stories about the game, just visit our topic page!

Elite Dangerous Update 1.70 – New Thargoid content and fixes

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