Era of Althea Trello: the official link to follow the game

Era of Althea Trello: the official link to follow the game

As is the case with many games in Robloxyou can find all the necessary information on the Era of Althea Trello which is dedicated to him. Let’s discover together what you can find in this interactive document, from the different races to the weapons, through the features and the various accessories.

Era of Althea Wiki

the Era of Althea Trello globally includes all the basic information about the game. It’s a bit like the Era of Althea Wikiavailable on the Fandom website.

The main difference between the two is simply that the wiki is a fan creation, while the Trello is directly filled by developers from Arcadia Productions. In this document, you can find all aspects of the game. Let’s take a look at the different categories and their content.

Era of Althea Trello: Race List

  • human
  • Noble
  • elf
  • Liger
  • Jakkon
  • Xoviacs

Era of Althea Trello: Trait List

  • Alchemist: potions and items are used faster;
  • Blade Master: improves damage with weapons and the gain of sword mastery is doubled;
  • Elven Blood: mana buff;
  • Game Addict: experience gain is increased by 50%;
  • Resilient: mana is doubled and can be used to block attacks;
  • Smith: forge failure rate reduced by 10%;
  • Traitless: does nothing in particular.

Era of Althea Trello: Weapon List

  • Ahkdar Sword
  • Black Iron Greatsword
  • Blindstrike Spear
  • Calamity
  • Deserted Spear
  • Dungeon Dweller
  • Elucidator
  • Enigma Sword
  • Eternal Spear
  • Exodus Greatsword
  • Halbred Sword
  • Hleam Greatsword
  • Iron Sword
  • Kazeikari Sword
  • Obsidian Spear
  • Stella Greatsword
  • Steel Sword
  • Zionas Sword

Era of Althea Trello: Armor List

  • Ahkdar Armor
  • Black Cloaked Armor
  • Cursed Mythril Armor
  • Eternity Armor
  • Igneel Armor
  • Light Armor
  • Light Chestplate Armor
  • Militant Armor
  • Plated Armor
  • Salamander Armor
  • Silverthread Armor
  • Solus Armor
  • Spriggan Armor
  • Steel Plated Armor
  • Sylph Armor
  • Sylph Chestplate Armor
  • Undine Armor
  • Vanguard Armor

Era of Althea Trello: Accessories List

  • Black Dotty
  • Black Headband
  • cannon
  • eye patch
  • Fairy Wings
  • Gucci Headband
  • Halo
  • Large Shuriken
  • Luffy’s Hat
  • pina
  • Red Headband
  • Shuriken 3a0
  • Spirit Wing
  • The Hleam Eyes
  • The Totem of Rog
  • Tribal Necklace
  • White Headband

Era of Althea: Tier list of snaps

In Era of Althea, snaps are usually obtained by completing quests. You’re also guaranteed to earn some as you level up to levels 10, 25, 40, and 65. In total, there are 12 types of snaps different, which are distributed by rarity in our Era of Althea tier list.

Scarcity snaps
0.01% Spatial
0.3% Time
0.7% Devil
1% Heavenly Body, Compose
5% Frost, Explosion
15% Light
75% Dark, Fire, Wind, Water

Game FAQs

The Trello also incorporates a FAQ area which contains the following questions and answers about the game:

  • How to get spins? Use redemption codes or Robux.
  • How to use towers? Press M then the shop cart and choose what to spin.
  • How to get pages? Complete quests or kill NPCs.
  • What are D-Points used for? They allow you to level up.

Now that we have reviewed the Era of Althea Trello content, here is the official link to discover this space rich in information on this game available through Roblox. You will find all the content described above, which will be updated by the developers in the next updates.

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That’s it, you now have all the cards in hand to progress in Era of Althea with Trello. And to discover other guides about your favorite games, go to our tips page.

Era of Althea Trello: the official link to follow the game

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