[eSport] eFootball: a new Italian esport tournament announced!

[eSport] eFootball: a new Italian esport tournament announced!

Konami announced the launch of the « Coppa eFootball Italia »a brand new esports tournament.

Coppa eFootball Italia

Based in Italy, it will integrate eFootball™ partner clubs, their young players, professional esports players and, above all, the fans.

What is the “Coppa eFootball Italia”?

The “Coppa eFootball Italia” is a new esports project for KONAMI and the football simulation industry. Each club in the competition will be represented by a team made up of three types of players: a player selected from the club’s youth team, a professional esports player selected from its esports squad, and a fan who has won an online qualifying tournament.

This original composition mixing elite esports players and beginners alongside the youth selection forms an unprecedented set of club representatives in the current esports landscape of football simulations.

Seven eFootball partner clubs participate

KONAMI is pleased to announce that its seven Italy-based eFootball partner clubs will participate in the “Coppa eFootball Italia”. These are the following clubs: AC Milan, AC Monza, AS Roma, Atalanta BC, FC Internazionale Milano, SS Lazio and SSC Napoli.

Operation of the competition

Ahead of the tournament, which will see the seven clubs compete for the title of “Coppa eFootball Italia” champion, a selection process will determine their three representatives.

To start, each club will organize an internal esports tournament for its Youth team to choose the first representative. KONAMI’s eFootball Activations team will provide a seminar on the ever-changing world of esports and gaming.

Then, an internal tournament between the members of the esports team of each club will make it possible to select the second representative of his trio.

Finally, eFootball will be the site of an online tournament open to all players in Italy: the “KONAMICI”. It will be a two week long event within eFootball 2023 exclusive to Italy, which users can register for.

Participants do not need to have played eFootball™ before this event and can take part without experience. Each fan can register online and select the club they hope to represent.

Fans from each club will then compete with a minimum of 30 games, and collect points to move up the leaderboard which will determine the best representatives.

The top-ranked players for each club will then participate in knockout stages, also played online. The winner from each club will complete the training alongside the player from the youth team and the professional esports player, and the trio will represent their club in the “Coppa eFootball Italia”.

The winners of KONAMICI will not only have the opportunity to wear the colors of their favorite club during an esports tournament broadcast internationally, but will also win various prizes and experiences from KONAMI and their club.

The KONAMICI will only take place on PlayStation 4 and Playstation 5 and will be free.

Tournament schedule

The “Coppa eFootball Italia” is a new form of esport competition made up of different elements. The qualifications and selections of the squads representing the clubs and then the tournament will take place in several stages between December 2022 and April 2023.

The KONAMICI will start in February, allowing the seven participating clubs to see a fan qualify after the knockout stages which will end at the end of March.

Once each club has confirmed their three-person squad, an offline Group Stage will determine their position in their group. It will be broadcast from the “Coppa eFootball Italia” studio. This step will influence the draw for the elimination stages of the Grand Finals which will take place in April.

Finally, once the positions in the groups have been defined, the clubs will face each other in the Quarter-Finals. From this stage, the competition will take the form of a knockout tournament with two semi-finals, a match for third place (between the two clubs losing their respective semi-finals) and a Grand Final.

The Grand Finals weekend will be a public offline event held at Napoli COMICON from April 28 to May 1, 2023.

The winning club will walk away with the Grand Prix, which includes the installation of a specialized eFootball video game and multimedia center in its youth training complex.

Throughout the tournament, “eFootball TV” episodes will be recorded in the “Coppa eFootball Italia” studio and available on the official eFootball™ YouTube channel.

They will include analysis and highlights from the ‘Coppa eFootball Italia’, player interviews, appearances by players and legends from partner clubs, and exclusive behind-the-scenes footage giving fans a better understanding of how eFootball works and discover the origin of the “Coppa eFootball Italia”.

eFootball 2023 is available for free at PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows 10 et PC Steam.

[eSport] eFootball: a new Italian esport tournament announced!

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