Evil West Chapter 2 collectibles in the heist - Evil West Chapter 2 - collectibles in the heist

Evil West Chapter 2 – collectibles in the heist

Evil West Chapter 2 – collectibles in the heist

Evil West Chapter 2 collectibles in the heist - Evil West Chapter 2 - collectibles in the heist

This is the second part on the way to the platinum trophy in Evil West! Chapter 2: The Heist contains only 16 collectible items.

This guide contains everything you need to complete the game. But now to the coveted and hidden items in the first section.

  • Traditions: 4
  • Purse: 11
  • Chests: 1
  • Hidden Perks:0
  • Weapon Enhancements: 0

Bundle of Money #1 ($29):
After you cross the wooden bridge destroy the glowing box on the right side.

Bundle of Money #2 ($30):
Once you have the gunslingers around the corner, open the locked door and examine the closet on your right

Chest #1 ($77 Scarf Skin Ghost):
Across from the closet, go into the room and open the chest.

Lore #1 ():
Go out of the building and jump over the opening on the left, into the barn and look at the barrel.

Bundle of Money #3 ($154):
Go up the stairs, drop down and go right to the back of the building. You can find the money by the broken cart.

Bundle of Money #4 ($30):
Just keep walking and examine the second building on the right. There is a corpse hanging there, shoot it to get the money.

Bundle of Money #5 ($36):
When you’re at the church, where the dynamite is. But first jump over the gap on the left for a glowing box with money.

Bundle of Money #6 ($20):
In the arena where you defeated some bandits you will find the next cash. Look there in the left hut.

Bundle of Money #7 ($23):
In the main house in the left room, with the blue vase, on the table.

Bundle of Money #8 ($51):
Once inside the mine, at the first fork, blow up the dynamite on the right and then continue to the mine cart, or three. There you will find some cash again.

Bundle of Money #9 ($56):
Now go back and then go along the left path. Blast again with dynamite to the nearest mine carts.

Lore #2 (Notes by Peter D’Abanos 1/3):
There is a broken pillar by the temple. You have to go to the right for the story, but you have to go to the left for the note.

Bundle of Money #10 ($56):
From your last position, blast the dynamite on the left and you’ll find a chest with cash at the end of the path.

Bundle of Money #11 ($56):
If you then let yourself fall down, you will shortly thereafter shimmy along the left wall, there you will find a chest.

Lore #3 (Notes by Peter D’Abanos 2/3):
This note is hard to miss, once you open the gate it should catch your eye.

Lore #4 (Notes by Peter D’Abanos3/3):
After opening the next gate you will come to a fork, on the left you will find the last note in this chapter.

That was all the collectibles in Chapter 2! If you need further help, here is an overview of all chapters.

Evil West Chapter 2 – collectibles in the heist

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