Evil West Chapter 2 collectibles in the heist - Evil West Chapter 3 - collectibles in the first spark

Evil West Chapter 3 – collectibles in the first spark

Evil West Chapter 3 – collectibles in the first spark

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This is the third part on the way to the platinum trophy in Evil West! Chapter 2: The Raid contains 21 collectible items.

This guide contains everything you need to complete the game. But now to the coveted and hidden items in the first section.

  • Traditions: 9
  • Purse: 12
  • chests: 0
  • Hidden Perks:0

The First Spark – Chapter 3

Bundle of Money #1 ($126):
The moment you take control look at the crates on your left.

Lore #1 (Daily Mail News 1/4):
Opposite the money you will see two carriages, behind the second one you will find the message.

Lore #2 (President Lincoln and William Reindeer):
In the building, main hall on the left.

Lore #3 (Daily Mail News 2/4):
Go to the left room and look on the desk.

Lore #4 (RI files):
Turn around and examine the bookshelf.

Lore #5 (Jesse surrounded by RI cadets):
Walk down the hall, this collectible is on a table.

Bundle of Money #2 ($105):
Go upstairs and look at the bookshelf.

Lore #6 (Civil War era photo):
Go back to the main hall again and then upstairs, it’s on a bookshelf again.

Lore #7 (First combat gauntlet prototype made of silver):
On the same floor, just above the main entrance.

Lore #8 (A portrait by William Reindeer):
After you chat with the NPC and you can buy more weapon upgrades. In the back of the room where two guys are sitting on the sofa, in the corner on a chair.

Bundle of Money #3 ($70):
After the cutscene, crawl through the opening and examine the left side.

Bundle of Money #4 ($383):
Once you are in the room with the carriages and barrels, on the left there is a chest with cash.

Bundle of Money #5 ($88):
Once you’ve activated the switch, continue through the tunnel and you’ll find a glowing box.

Bundle of Money #6 ($154):
In the room with the Tesla Coil, by the shelves on the right.

Bundle of Money #7 ($128):
Go further into the green shimmering room, walk to the end and go down the stairs. Now go right first, there is a glowing box

Bundle of Money #8 ($101):
Now go back and examine the other side, there is some money again.

Lore #9 (Jesse’s great-grandfather):
Run backwards down the left passage.

Bundle of Money #9 ($80):
When you aim to exit the archive you will come to an elevator, break the chains on the right to find the bundle of money.

Bundle of Money #10 ($86):
During the objective of finding William Reindeer you have to crouch in an opening. Before that, destroy the chain on your right to get the money.

Bundle of Money #11 ($115):
Once you’ve grabbed the blue energy charge, go right to find a chain. Destroy them and get the Glowing Box.

Bundle of Money #12 ($296):
When you’re at the Reindeer Institute, look at the overturned bed.

That was all the collectibles in Chapter 3! If you need further help, here is an overview of all chapters. For a better understanding, here is a video of all localities!

Evil West Chapter 3 – collectibles in the first spark

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