Evil West Chapter 2 collectibles in the heist - Evil West Chapter 5 - Collectibles in Devil's Passport

Evil West Chapter 5 – Collectibles in Devil’s Passport

Evil West Chapter 5 – Collectibles in Devil’s Passport

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This is the fourth part on the way to the platinum trophy in Evil West! Chapter 5: Devil’s Pass contains 27 collectible items.

This guide contains everything you need to complete the game. But now to the coveted and hidden items in the fifth section.

  • Traditions: 5
  • Purse: 19
  • Unique chests: 2
  • Hidden Perks:1

Devil’s Passport – Chapter 5

Lore #1 (Emilia and Virgil in Calico, 1884):
Right at the beginning, on the table by the stretcher.

Money #1 (48 money):
Go downstairs to the morgue, there you will find the money in the second room.

money #2 ($64):
From the morgue, go back upstairs and into the room on the right. The money is in the back left corner.

Lore #2 (Virgil’s curriculum vitae):
Leave the room and go right through the big door, on the left you will find the collectible on a workbench.

money #3 ($79):
When you leave the area, just walk down the path, the money is on the right of a carriage.

Money #4 (44 money):
Walk a few meters further and you will see a glowing box with the wad of money.

money #5 (368):
Walk back a few meters, there is a hidden tunnel on the left, at the end you will find a chest.

money #6 ($81):
In the area where you fought some bandits. There is a path on the left, blow up the dynamite and get the cache.

Lore #3 (Agent Bloom’s Bestiary 1/3):
Now run along the path exactly opposite, it’s not a dead end, you can shoot the chain to get further. There you will find the box with the note.

money #7 (89 money):
When you climb up the chain. Diagonally to her left is a corpse on a tree.

Unique Chest 1/2 & Hidden Perk 1/8 ($88 and a bomb deal):
Climb down to the right from the last location, that’s where the first unique chest is hidden.

Money #8 ($103):
After the chest you have to go up a chain again, just before the bridge the money is hidden in the grass on the left.

Money #9 ($113):
Once you’ve defeated the enemies, climb up the ledge and grab the chest.

Money #10 ($179):
Then squeeze yourselves through the gap and immediately opposite you destroy the red barrel, behind it is a chest.

Money #11 ($58):
Now run up the path, but before you jump down the chain, turn around for a glowing box.

Money #12 ($88):
Now jump down and grab the money behind the wagon.

Money #13 ($107):
Push the wagon and then walk over it, you will get the money automatically.

Money #14 ($66):
Jump down and examine the bushes on the right.

Money #15 ($47):
Don’t run to the right for now, go downstream to find the money.

Money #16 ($95):
Now run up the river to the falls. On the left you can loot a glowing box just before you can climb again.

Money #17 ($80):
Climb down and look to the left for another glowing crate.

Money #18 ($135):
In the left area of ​​the lake you will find a barricade, behind it is a chest.

Lore #4 (Agent Bloom’s Bestiary 2/3):
Shortly after defeating the opponents, you need to shoot down a lock and move on. It’s in the middle of the regular route.

Money #19 ($51):
in the area where you fought Vampire Aristocrat.

Lore #5 (Agent Bloom’s Bestiary 3/3):
Once you’ve defeated Vampire Aristocrat just keep going just after you’ve jumped the obstacle that’s hard to miss.

Unique Chest 2/2 ($119 and Gun Skin Ghost):
When you reach the fork, drop down on the right side to get this Unique Chest.

That was all the collectibles in Chapter 3! If you need further help, here is an overview of all chapters. For a better understanding, here is a video of all localities!

Evil West Chapter 5 – Collectibles in Devil’s Passport

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