Evil West Chapter 2 collectibles in the heist - Evil West Chapter 6 - Collectibles in Remote RI Outpost

Evil West Chapter 6 – Collectibles in Remote RI Outpost

Evil West Chapter 6 – Collectibles in Remote RI Outpost

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This is the fourth part on the way to the platinum trophy in Evil West! Chapter 6: Remote RI Outpost contains 32 collectible items.

This guide contains everything you need to complete the game. But now to the coveted and hidden items in the fifth section.

  • Traditions: 7
  • Bundle of money:22
  • Unique chests: 2
  • Hidden Perks:1

Remote RI Outpost – Chapter 6

Lore #1 (Writing by William Reindeer 1/3):
Right at the beginning in the western saloon, on the upper floor, just run up the stairs.

Lore #2 (Announcement regarding Emilia’s promotion):
>Go back to HQ and into the main meeting room, with the big round table. On the right side you follow the steps to the upper floor. At the end you will come to a room with the note.

Money #1 (65 money):
Back down in the meeting room, at the head of the long table, on the sideboard under the window.

money #2 (78 money):
Exit the room and go left to Vergil’s blue device. To the right you will find a glowing box.

money #3 (82 money):
Go downstairs and into the torture chamber, it’s the second door on the right. The money is there on the table.

Money #4 (113 money):
Once you’ve left the HQ, continue down the path and you’ll find the money in the building on the left.

Lore #3 (Miner’s letter from Baxter 1/2):
>Just after the last collectible, if you have to go left, you’ll find the note in the right corner.

money #5 (91 money):
When walking over the wooden platform you see a body hanging above.

money #6 (333 money):
When the first switch has been activated and the enemies are gone you can jump over an obstacle into a hut.

money #7 ($106):
Exit the hut and go left to the hall with the wagons. On the far left behind the wagon you will find the money

Lore #4 (William and the Baxter crew):
>After getting the paralysis staff, go into the hut on the left.

Lore #5 (A metal ion):
>Continue walking the regular path. Just after jumping over the obstacle, left on a barrel.

Money #8 (96 money):
Diagonally opposite the last note, there is a body that you have to shoot down.

Money #9 (114 money):
Now push the wagons so that you (from the corpse) can climb up to the right, a switch and the cash are waiting at the top.

Money #10 (104 money):
Then push the wagons so that you can climb up on the other side. You’ll see a glowing box at the top.

Lore #6 (Miner’s Letter from Baxter 2/2):
>Go left to the second counter, you will find the letter next to it.

Money #11 (76 money):
Run back to the stairs you came from. Run past it and swing over, there is more money waiting for you.

Money #12 (70 money):
After using the elevators and the area is safe, jump over the obstacle to the right.

Money #13 (105 money):
Next to the switch you can squeeze through a gap.

Money #14 (76 money):
Activate the switch, shoot the lock and climb up the chain. Just before you climb the ledge, the money is in the right corner.

Money #15 (122 money):
Climb up and then swing left to the other side. There you go up the few steps for the next bundle of money.

Money #16 (133 money):
On the platform you have to enter, it really can’t be overlooked.

Money #17 (286 money):
Immediately after the gondola ride on the left, destroy the barricade and you will find a box

Money #18 ($90):
After driving the mine cart you have to go left, don’t do that! First run along to the right for another cash injection.

Money #19 ($152):
In the mine go to the right, blow up the TNT and get more money further down.

Unique Chest 1/2 & Hidden Advantage 2/8 ($133 & Perk Deadly Height):
Go further and then look left for an opening, there you have to crawl through to loot the fat chest.

Money #20 ($113):
Now go back and after the hole to the left, there is more money next to the TNT.

Unique Chest 2/2 ($95 & Suit Skin Ghost):
Detonate the TNT and go behind it to the next unique chest.

It will go on soon!

That was all the collectibles in Chapter 3! If you need further help, here is an overview of all chapters. For a better understanding, here is a video of all localities!

Evil West Chapter 6 – Collectibles in Remote RI Outpost

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