Fallout 4 trophy guide

Fallout 4 trophy guide

For achievement and trophy hunters, knowing is half the battle, whether it’s how to unlock trophies or what trophies they have left to acquire. In the case of a game as big as Fallout 4, information like a trophy list is essential to success, and before they start modding Fallout 4, many players may want to get the coveted 100% complete trophy list.

All Trophies in Fallout 4 – Base Game

  • War never changes: Enter the wasteland, which means just go outside.
  • When freedom calls: To complete When freedom calls quest.
  • Hardly a Valentine: To complete Hardly a Valentine quest.
  • Reunions: To complete Reunions quest.
  • dangerous thoughts: To complete dangerous thoughts quest.
  • Hunter / Hunting: To complete Hunter / Hunting quest.
  • Molecular level: Full Molecular level quest.
  • nuclear option: Full nuclear option quest.
  • institutionalized: To complete institutionalized quest.
  • Humanity redefined: To complete Humanity redefined quest.
  • Inclusion: To complete Inclusion quest.
  • nuclear family: To complete nuclear family quest.
  • First step: Join Minutemen Group.
  • Gaining Independence: To complete Gaining Independence quest.
  • old guns: To complete old guns quest.
  • Semper Invicta: Join Brotherhood of Steel Group.
  • Blind betrayal: To complete Blind betrayal quest.
  • Victoriam’s announcement: To complete Victoriam’s announcement quest.
  • Craft: Join Railway Group.
  • Undercover underground: To complete Undercover underground quest.
  • Red light rockets: To complete Red light rockets quest.
  • Sanctuary: To complete Sanctuary quest.
  • Community Organizer: Team up with three separate settlements.
  • Benevolent Leader: Reach maximum happiness in any major settlement.
  • Mercenary: Complete any 10 side quests.
  • Mercenary: Complete 50 different tasks.
  • Garbage man: Gather a total of 1000 crafting res.
  • What’s yours is mine: Pick a total of 50 locks.
  • Robco’s worst nightmare: Hack a total of 50 terminals.
  • Armed and dangerous: Create a total of 50 weapon modifications.
  • Wasteland with your own hands: Craft a total of 100 items.
  • Never do it alone: Recruit five unique companions.
  • cute: Reach maximum relationship level with any companion.
  • Fix-Er-Upper: Build a total of 100 workshop items.
  • Future Retro: Play a game with a holotape.
  • …The harder they fall: Kill five giant creatures.
  • Ranger Corps: Discover 100 unique locations.
  • The seal is not dead: Read 100 unique magazines.
  • Return of the Joker: Placed a grenade or mine in someone’s pocket while pickpocketing.
  • mass hole: Kill a total of 3,000 people.
  • Animal control: Kill a total of 300 creatures.
  • Home run!: Get a home run.
  • Touchdown!: Get a touchdown.
  • These are not puppets…: collect 10 unique Vault-Tech dummy.
  • …These are action figures: collect 20 unique Vault-Tech dummy.
  • Born Survivor: Reach the fifth level.
  • Commonwealth citizen: Reach level 10.
  • Unstoppable Wanderer: Reach level 25.
  • Legend of the Wastes: Reach level 50.
  • Prepared for the future: decide the fate of the Commonwealth.

This concludes the list of base game trophies! All trophies after this point will be DLC trophies.

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All trophies in Fallout 4 are DLC packs

Automatron DLC

  • mechanical threat: To complete mechanical threat quest.
  • Headhunting: To complete Headhunting quest.
  • Restoring order: To complete Restoring order quest.
  • Robot hunter: Unlock 10 robot modifications.
  • Most toys: Build 10 robot modifications.

Wasteland Workshop DLC

  • obedient: Control five tamed creatures in one settlement.
  • instigator: Start an observable arena fight in a settlement.
  • Catcher: Build one cage of each type.

Far Harbor DLC

  • Far from home: To complete Far from home quest.
  • where you belong: To complete where you belong quest.
  • What life should be: Full What life should be quest.
  • Cleansing the earth: To complete Cleansing the earth quest.
  • Next to the house: To complete Next to the house quest.
  • Islander’s Almanac: Collect all issues Islander’s Almanac magazine.
  • on hook: Defeat 30 Far Harbor Sea Creatures.
  • New England vacationer: Discover 20 unique Far Harbor locations.
  • Push back the mist: Unlock three unique Far Harbor Workshop locations.
  • Just add salt water: Cook one of the New Far Harbor recipes.

Addition “Workshop fixtures”

  • Show off: Display weapons, armor, and power armor on the power armor display.
  • Time-out: Pillory a settler.
  • Mass production: Produce 100 objects with your builders.

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Vault-Tech Workshop DLC

  • Supervision: Become caretaker.
  • Better life underground: unlock all areas Vault 88.
  • Vault Dweller: equip Vault 88 suit and Pip-Boy on the settler.

DLC Yader-World

  • Reading for life: Complete 12 missions for any Nuka-World raider gang.
  • Diebrarian: Collect all editions Wild! magazine.
  • Drink: Create 20 different flavors of Nuka-Cola.
  • capture: Set up eight raider camps in the Commonwealth.
  • Everything is candied: Defeat 40 Nuka-World creatures while affected by any Nuka Mix taste.
  • A look at the prize: Exchange 100,000 tickets for Nuka-Cade.
  • took for a walk: To complete took for a walk quest.
  • Grand Tour: Full Grand Tour quest.
  • Home Sweet Home: To complete Home Sweet Home quest.
  • power game: To complete power game quest.

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Fallout 4 trophy guide

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