FIFA 23 Update 1.07 – TU5 for PS4 and Xbox One

FIFA 23 Update 1.07 – TU5 for PS4 and Xbox One

After title update 5 for the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series was released yesterday, update 1.07 for the old generation of consoles for FIFA 23 follows today.

FIFA 23 Update 1007 PS5 Patch Notes from November - FIFA 23 Update 1.07 - TU5 for PS4 and Xbox One

Electronic Arts and the developers are releasing Title Update 5 for “FIFA 23‘ on the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, it was released yesterday for the next-gen consoles and PC. We’ll show you all the adjustments in the patch notes from December 1st.

The new “FIFA 23 update 1.07‘ can be downloaded and installed now. The file size on the PlayStation 5 was 1,047 gigabytes, unfortunately we do not know the PS4 size. Today’s customizations are wide ranging, with improvements to FIFA Ultimate Team, FIFA World Cup, Career Mode, Volta and more.

FIFA 23 Update 1.07 Patch Notes

FIFA Ultimate Team™

  • Placeholder images may appear on the shot comparison graph during a game.
  • Trophies were not always displaying correctly in the Milestones section of the Objectives screen.


Made the following changes:

  • Decreased the accuracy of Driven Lobbed Through passes directed away from the passer’s line of sight.
  • Decreased the ball trajectory height of driven lobbed through passes.

The following issues have been fixed:

  • In some cases, the ball carrier could accidentally run over the ball while dribbling.
  • In certain situations, the goalkeeper did not react to ground passes over the goal.
  • Sometimes a touch during a dribble could throw the ball further away from the ball carrier than intended.
  • In some cases, through passes with appropriate power could incorrectly result in the ball being knocked out of play.
  • AI teammates could lunge at a ball that was far away from them even with the Pass Block Assist setting turned off.
    In some situations, a defender might mistakenly try to shield the ball without being asked to do so.
  • When requesting an Outside Of The Foot Shot in certain situations, a Flair Shot could have been taken instead.
  • If you request a Flair Pass while bound to a player, the CPU AI will not attempt to perform a Flair Pass.

FIFA World Cup™

  • In online tournaments, the Knockout Stage UI may have incorrectly highlighted the paths of both participating teams with the same color.
  • In the final of the online tournament, some post-game scenes were not played.
  • Fixed a stability issue that could occur when restarting Featured Quickplay matches.

career mode

  • In Player Career, the goalkeeper attribute was not always displayed correctly on the Player Growth screen.

That was just part of the extensive adjustments, you can read the full patch notes on the official FIFA Trello Board.

You can find more news and tips about the game here.

FIFA 23 Update 1.07 – TU5 for PS4 and Xbox One

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