Flood threatens participants’ shelters

Flood threatens participants’ shelters

The last episode 7 vs Wild was shaped by Heavy rain, wind and desperate candidates. While in the current episode the Mood rises again for most the water level also rises on the beaches more and more. Who is surprised by the water while they are sleeping and who acted early enough?

7 vs. Wild: mental state improves

With the weather also brightens the mood for most candidates again. It has stopped raining, at least for a short time, so that almost everyone can almost finish their shelters. At least Nova wants to carry on until the next day and then decide whether to pick her up.

Sascha misses next his loved ones, his bed and the fly screens at home. Although Sabrina now feels safe in her shelter, but fears for their drinking water . It has become dirty from the rain. For Otto rule for the first time pleasant temperature.

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the challenges is being tackled again by most and a few are still emerging photos for the rating. Meanwhile, Joris and Knossi have the souvenir for the community created. Jens is giving away his beloved green ball and Joris will be giving away his embellished water bottle.

After the ebb comes the tide: the water rises and rises

The fierce storm draws one next to wet clothes and a bad mood longer-term consequences. The flood, which came dangerously close to one or the other, now increases even more. Knossi has rebuilt his hammock in the jungle and Sabrina also seems to be far enough away. They have luck so far.

Knossis Gaming PC consists of these components:

Fritz has a nice roof, but the water from below is his bigger problem. Nova’s Shelter is through the waves collapsed. Luckily nothing happened to her. at Sascha the water almost reaches his shelter. Otto’s cave seems to be flooded. However, he only moves in extreme emergency around.

Who is still dangerous from the water and who is pack things hopefully we’ll find out in the next episode 7 vs Wild.

Flood threatens participants’ shelters

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