Goat Simulator 3: How to Get Trophy Dashing

Goat Simulator 3: How to Get Trophy Dashing

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Goat Simulator 3 – Dash across the soccer field © Coffee Stain Studios

Goat Simulator 3 brings a whole list of bizarre new achievements and trophies to earn, including one simply called Dash.

Goat Simulator 3 How to Get Trophy Dashing - Goat Simulator 3: How to Get Trophy DashingGoat Simulator 3 is mostly about running around the world as a deranged goat and wreaking havoc wherever possible, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t trophies and achievements to earn. Earning the coveted in-game platinum trophy requires earning every single trophy available, including one called Dash. While you might have an idea of ​​what the requirement for the Dash Trophy might be, it’s a bit more specific than you might initially think. However, once you know how to unlock the trophy, it’s one of the easier trophies.

The description for the trophy “whizzing‘ in Goat Simulator 3 instructs, walking naked across the soccer field. The only problem is that goats are always naked in most cases. Also, finding a soccer field on the map might be difficult. In order to achieve this trophy, you have to think a little bit outside the box.

How to get the Dash Trophy

In this bizarre simulation game, a goat has to run “naked” when it “cuts” its fur.birthday costume“. Calling this item fur is ironic in itself, as it removes all of the goat’s fur. In order to unlock this cosmetic item, you must be at least second rank “Private Club” in the Goat Tower. Once this is done, the new item for the goat should be available for purchase in the Special tab. You may need to purchase other items in the Features tab for this item to appear. Alternatively, it has been reported that completing the “Bigfoot Spotted!” mission is another way to unlock this item.

Although the trophy tells you to run naked across a soccer field, Goat Simulator 3’s version of a soccer field is actually called Hoofball. Regardless of what you choose to call this area, make your way to the eastern part of Suburbsville to find the soccer field marked with the Hoofball waypoint.

The last step is easy. You put on the fur “birthday costume” and then walk across the soccer field. The Dash trophy will then unlock immediately, meaning you’re one step closer to the platinum trophy.

by Torge Christiansen

Goat Simulator 3: How to Get Trophy Dashing

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