God of War Ragnarok: Dragon Slayer

God of War Ragnarok: Dragon Slayer

In God of War Ragnarok there is only one piece of armor that offers a perfect mix of offensive and defensive stats and that’s it Dragonscale armor set. If you have received this powerful armor from the scales of equally powerful dragons, you will also receive the trophy dragon slayerwhich is essential to get in the game achieve 100% to be able to

So it’s no wonder that many players are wondering how to get Kratos into these clothes. But that’s what ours are for solutionin which we explain to you exactly where to find the armor parts, how you can find them Dragonscale armor forges and how you can improve them.

God of War Ragnarök: How to Get All 3 Pieces of Dragonscale Armor (Solution)

In order to even think about crafting the dragonscale armor, you have to do the favor first dragon hunt have accepted a side quest her in the crater in Vanaheim gets offered. After that you embark on a total 9 dragon huntsin which you will find the necessary materials.

Dragonscale Armor: Chest

  • materials: 1x Dragon Claw, 2x Dragon Teeth, 14,000 Hacksilver
  • passives Capability: Blocking and Parrying grants a bonus to Strength and Defense. Stacks are reset on hits.

Dragonscale Armor: Arms

  • materials: 10x Dragon’s Teeth, 10,000 Hacksilver
  • passive ability: Boosts shield damage and successful blocking and parrying deals damage to nearby enemies.

Dragonscale Armor: Waist

  • materials: 10x Dragon’s Teeth, 10,000 Hacksilver
  • passive ability: Boosts shield damage and successful blocking and parrying deals damage to nearby enemies.

So once you’ve completed the Fallen Dragon Hunt, not only do you know what it’s like to defeat such dangerous creatures, you now have enough res to forge all three armor pieces allow. Collecting everything you need can take some time, but it’s definitely worth it.

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God of War Ragnarök: Dragonscale Armor Materials Locations

In order to find enough res for this armor set and on top of that to have something in reserve to improve the three armor pieces, you obviously need dragons. In God of War Ragnarök you will find several such creatures that you can find and fight in the following locations.

Alfheim: The Forbidden Sands

You will get 2x Dragon’s Teeth by doing the Favor The desert door complete and defeat the local boss.

Valheim: The Jungle

2x more Dragon’s Teeth are available upon completion of the favor The trail of the dead.

Valheim: The Jungle

Defeat the Dreki Duo during the Fall what lies beneathto get a whopping 8x Dragon’s Teeth.

Valheim: The Jungle

Also in the jungle of Valheim you can do the favor path of destruction complete it, which also earns you 2x Dragon’s Teeth. The side mission will be after completing the favor The return to the river made available.

Valheim: The Plains

In the Plains, go to the Dreki Cave for the favor The Dead of the Night to start. Complete this optional mission and you will receive a total of 4x Dragon’s Teeth.

Valheim: The sinks

Once you’ve witnessed the tremors in the hollows, the favor begins Trembling Hollow. Complete this task or the follow-up task The burning skies and you’ll get Dragon’s Teeth and a Dragon’s Claw again.

God of War Ragnarok: Dragon Slayer

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