God of War Ragnarök: Gróas Geheimnis, tempel des Lichts (Lösung, Guide)

God of War Ragnarök: Gróa’s Secret

God of War Ragnarök: Gróa’s Secret

If you are in the action-adventure God of War Ragnarok is in search of Gróa’s shrine, willy-nilly you’ll have to look for it alfheim return and dem Temple of Light pay a second visit. A lot has happened here since the direct predecessor, among others there are new opponents, new puzzles and new collectibles.

In this solution to the game we will tell you exactly and step by step how to do it Mystery in the Temple of Light how to get to the end of the dungeon and of course what to pay special attention to during your exploration. Such is the mission Great secret no problem and you should have no problems until boss of the region can advance.

God of War Ragnarök: How to solve the riddles in the Temple of Light (Solution)

Once you reach the temple and open the big gate with Tyr, run past the big statue and throw the ax from the right side against the twilight stoneto the light crystal directly above the barrier of light hold true. Will the beam that shows you the direction of flight blueyou are correct and the ax will hit.

You can then take your time to look around while following the course of the corridor and yours Chaos Blades like grappling hook uses. Loot the loot chest and gather any res from the ground before using your Leviathan ax again to kill yourself the next barrier turn off. This works exactly the same as the first.

Then you get it with some albums to do before Tyr shows you the way, swinging nimbly from one platform to the other. Do the same with your Chaos Blades and you will reach a chest and a shield on the left. As always, you can step down the latter to get one Shortcut to the starting area to create.

On your way you will find a ledge on the left where you can drop. This is how you reach some beasts and one of Odin’s Ravens, hidden behind a lattice. You’ll need your ax to catch him left on the twilight stone in the hallway throw. The ax should bounce off, hitting the Dawnstone behind the grate, and finally taking out the raven.

In the same area, look around a little more before returning to the main path and you will find the Knowledge Scroll in the dead end The Bifröst Bridge and one floor below a Legendary Chest containing the Rune Light Attack Hades’ vengeance contains. Now return to Tyr and you will find Kvasir’s poem in the upper room on the right-hand side visions after rest.

God of War Ragnarok Groas Secret - God of War Ragnarök: Gróa's Secret
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Temple of Light: The First Dawnstone Puzzle (Solution)

Typical for God of War Ragnarök, the puzzles continue shortly afterwards, but fortunately they are not too complicated and can usually be solved with your axe. Remain on the level where you found Kvasir’s Poem and stand by the Dawnstone with me Looking north. You can meet the next crystal of light.

Keep following the path, defeat the first ones Lightbulb Mystic and plunders what is not nailed down. You eventually reach the next light barrier, but for now you’ve got it no visible twilight stoneswho might help you here. So jump to the left of the ledge to get the crank to reach her once (not twice) pulls down.

While holding the crank, you throw the ax on the targetsuntil the Dawnstone appears on the right. Now throw the ax at the Dawnstone so that it bounces off in the direction of the Light Crystal. Then you still have the opportunity to reach a legendary chest containing the relic Book of Gram contains.

For this legendary chest in “God of War Ragnarök” you run from the crank to the west, where there is a kind Elevator located. Pulls in the area three times on the chainuntil the Dawnstone at the level of the white seal (Behind the golden trellis) hangs. Fire the ax at the stone and it should get stuck in said white seal.

Now let go of the chain and stand between the ax and Kratos the chain in the elevator hangs. Now recall the weapon and the chain should be severed, bringing the Legendary Chest to the ground and accessible to you. Then it goes back to the main path, where you some gloomy nightmare meets

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Temple of Light: How to get the 2nd Legendary Chest (Solution)

By the way, to the left of the nightmare, in a small chamber, lies the next poem by Kvasir, which you can find in “God of War Ragnarök”: ghosts in the walls. Then follow Tyr again and take a look around so you don’t miss any collectibles. You can in the area two shields at ledges step down, one leads to a box, one leads you further into the temple.

Swing your Chaos Blades from ledge to ledge and thus crossing the water. There are two paths while using the Blades of Chaos. one leads to the second legendary chest, which, however, is not quite so easy to reach. So swing along the left path and you will reach a point where a kind pendulum hangs.

You can use this pendulum with your Chaos Blades set in motion. If the pendulum swings straight to the right, you have a short window of opportunity to throw your ax at the Dawnstone in the pendulum and destroy the light barrier. You finally reach the said chest and get the accessory Runed Release.

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Temple of Light: How to reach the Norn Chest (Solution)

Of course there is one in this dungeon in God of War Ragnarök Norn chest, which you certainly want to achieve. First return to the main path, open the gate, do the next light albums and then climb to the right up the wallwhere of course other pointy-eared enemies lurk that you have to defeat first.

Before you follow Tyr further up, you see to the right already the Norn chest, which is relatively easy to open once you know how. Here you have to three bells sound it with your ax to make the chest open, two of them are to the left of the chest, one on the same level and one a little further back on a small balcony.

The third bell is located to the right of the chest in the hallway. Drop a sonic arrow on the Atreus here ringstone shoot to clear the path, then stand right next to the door and throw the Leviathan Axe over the twilight stone on the bell. Then it’s back in the hallway in no time at all, where you quickly throw off the other two bells.

With practice you should all three seals can break in the allotted time, which opens the chest, loot it and grab it Idunn apple, which can permanently increase your health. Incidentally, the passage on the right side leads to a ledge, where another loot chest waiting for you.

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Temple of Light: How to Solve the Statue Puzzle (Solution)

Once you’ve done everything, follow that again war god Tyr and jump into the next fight. Left of the abyss you will discover another one of Odin’s Ravens, which you can drop from the stairs. In the adjacent room you see the next light barrier and two large alb statuesone of which has a Dawnstone stuck in her shield.

  • Atreus fires you Sonic arrow on the klingstein the right statue, causing it to tilt.
  • Tilt the statue left with the Chaos Blades to clear the ledge behind.
  • Pull yourself up here and then use the blades to swing to the other side where you kick down a shield and finally yourself the other statue approaching from behind.
  • Fire one sonic arrow on the back the statue so that you can also use your Chaos Blades here.
  • Now tilt the statue to the side and throw the ax on the round sealto destroy part of the wings.
  • Now tilt the statue To the right and fire your ax at the twilight crystal at the rear to burst the other wings as well.
  • Now the statue tilted all the way to the left which will position the Shield and Dawnstone to destroy the Crystal of Light. Throw the ax from the other side to hit the right angle.
1669146012 736 God of War Ragnarok Groas Secret - God of War Ragnarök: Gróa's Secret
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Go through the now open passage and the three heroes are back in the main chamberwhere you target the left of the two statues and Atreus a sonic arrow on the klingstein let fire, what another Pendulum with a twilight stone released in the version. Then Tyr will speed things up a bit, as he puts it himself.

Now you can throw the ax on the twilight stone and open the next light gate. Behind it you put the elevator in motion and it works end of this mission in God of War against Ragnarok. Follow the course and the plot until you finally get it Boss Alva faces: How to defeat the boss Alva in God of War Ragnarok?

God of War Ragnarök: Gróa’s Secret

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