God of War Ragnarök: How to Obtain Steeled Remains

God of War Ragnarök: How to Obtain Steeled Remains

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In order to obtain Forged Remains in God of War Ragnarok, you must complete a specific favor.

God of War Ragnarok How to Obtain Steeled Remains - God of War Ragnarök: How to Obtain Steeled RemainsVarious res can be gathered while playing God of War Ragnarok, and each of them is used in a specific way. Forged Remnants are rare res that can be used to enhance specific armor. You can find them by completing a favor that only appears after completing the game.

According to God of War Ragnarok, steel remnants are pieces of einherjar armor that fell from Asgard. In order to get some of the rare res, you need to defeat 10 of these Einherjar enemies. It should be noted that these are in limited supply, so you have to choose carefully which armor to upgrade.

How to get Steeled Remains in God Of War Ragnarok

In order to obtain Forged Remains, the Remnants of Asgard favor must be completed. Einherjar enemies must be defeated in 10 different camps in order to open a red chest containing the Steeled Remains. If the chest is accidentally opened before the camp is wiped out, the Einherjar will drop the Steeled Remains when defeated. The camps of Asgard are:

Alberich-Mulde in Svartalfheim

  • Go to the Mystic Gate of the Watchtower and head east to the shore.
  • Once you reach the shore, go northeast and climb up the chains.
  • Keep climbing up the wooden platforms and then use the red hook to reach the other side
  • Go left to find the camp.

Aurvangar Wetlands in Svartalfheim

Next, travel to the Mystic Gate in the Aurvangar Wetlands.

  • Climb in the boat and row north to the broken wooden wheel.
  • Crouch under the wooden beams
  • Keep going north until a small opening appears on the left
  • Go through to reach the secret area
  • The remains of Asgard become visible once Kratos exits the boat

Jarnsmida open pit mine in Svartalfheim

  • Go to the Mystic Gate of Jarnsmida Open Pit
  • Face north and climb the chain up the ledge
  • Defeat the Asgardian camp

Near Freyr’s Camp in Vanaheim

  • From the Mystic Gate of Freyr’s Lair, row the boat north.
  • Moor the boat near one of the entrances to Freyr’s camp.
  • Go forward a few steps and the enemies will spawn

East Barri Forest in Vanaheim

  • From the previous location of the remains, enter Freyr’s Camp on the left
  • Head northeast out of Freyr’s camp by crossing a bridge.
  • After exiting the camp, go east
  • Stay on the same path until Kratos goes through an opening in the roots of a tree.
  • Advance to arrive where players previously fought two Drekis.
  • The camp of the Asgardians is located there.

Burning cliffs in Muspelheim

  • Go to the Mystic Gate of the Burning Cliffs
  • Head down the cliffs to the area where the Fire Phantom was defeated
  • Defeat all enemies and open the chest

Near the Urd Well in Midgard

  • For this location, head to the Mystic Gate of the Lake of Nine and then continue northwest.
  • As soon as the wolves get stuck, you climb onto the marked ledge.
  • Go forward a few steps and the enemies will appear

The Lake of Nine in Midgard

  • From the last camp, return to the same Mystic Gate, the Lake of Nine.
  • Go east to one of the round buildings of the Tyr Temple
  • Use the elevator to go upstairs.
  • The Asgard enemies can be found along the way.

The beach in Alfheim

  • To get the remains here, one must travel to the Strönd Mystic Gate in Alfheim, head east and climb the marked ledges.
  • Squeeze between the two walls to the south to continue the journey.
  • Keep going southwest until two large crystals appear.
  • Go right, climb up the wall and continue down the path.
  • The enemy camp is on the way

The Wasteland in Alfheim

  • Fast travel to the Mystic Gate The Canyons
  • Use the sled to go further east into the wasteland.
  • Eventually you reach a path blocked by rocks
  • Go around the rock from the left and then jump over a marked rock
  • Minibosses Stinnr and Sterker are on the other side.

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God of War Ragnarök: How to Obtain Steeled Remains

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