God Of War Ragnarok: Lake of Nine Artifacts

God Of War Ragnarok: Lake of Nine Artifacts

There are three artifacts scattered around the Lake of Nine in God of War Ragnarok. Here’s how to find them.

AT God of War Kratos can do so many things Ragnarok, even after completing the main plot of the story. In fact, God of War Ragnarokawakens the curiosity of the players’ minds about the many mysteries that lie in the nine worlds. Some of them are exciting, while the rest are for fans who enjoy collecting collectibles. One of the most common collectibles are Artifacts. Although Artifacts are depicted as rare items in God of War Ragnarokthey don’t really have any use other than being sold in the store for an extra Hacksilver.

Each world contains several of these Artifacts spread around its corner. Once players reach chapter 9 of the main story God of War Ragnarok, they will gain access to Midgard and be able to collect some of its artifacts. In the Lake of Nine alone, there will be three Artifacts that Kratos can pick up right away.

Where to Find All Lake Of Nine Artifacts in God Of War Ragnarok

The first artifact “Lake of Nine” is located in the center of Midgard, just behind a small room covered with icicles. Players may notice a purple Artifact rarity inside next to a small amount of Hacksilver.

Break the icicles and go inside to find the Artifact lying next to the corpse. Take it to collect the first artifact of the Lake of Nine in God of War Ragnarok.

The second artifact is close to the first in God of War Ragnarok. Kratos needs to move east and find a ladder in a narrow passage. Because the stairs are covered in snow, it can be difficult for players to find them. They are behind a large broken structure in the middle of an open area, and this is the only staircase. Keep heading northeast and eventually Kratos will find a ladder.

Climb the stairs to find another corpse with a second God of War Ragnarok Artifact nearby. If the players rescued Tyr, Kratos will find him upset about the destruction of his temple. Freya will try to talk to him, but he will send her away.

To find the third Lake of Nine Artifact, players can move a little further south. Just under the Temple of Tyr bridge, players can find a small area on the right. This place is easy to miss as it is accessible to wolves.” sledges, and they tend to move quickly. After reaching the bridge of the Temple of Tyr, move slowly and look to the right for this area.

There, Kratos will find another corpse with the third and final Artifact next to it. Take it to collect all the artifacts of the Lake of Nine.

God of War Ragnarok Already available for PS4 and PS5.

God Of War Ragnarok: Lake of Nine Artifacts

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