God Of War Ragnarök: Sigrún’s Bane – Guide

God Of War Ragnarök: Sigrún’s Bane – Guide

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In the favor of Sigrún’s curse one learns why Sigrún joined the Valkyries in God of War Ragnarök.

God Of War Ragnarok Sigruns Bane Guide - God Of War Ragnarök: Sigrún's Bane - GuideGod of War Ragnarök is filled with fun favors that delve deeper into the story and hidden mysteries of the game. In one of these favors, Kratos and his companions explore what really happened to Sigrún and how she became Queen of the Valkyries. The mission begins the moment you reach one of the two areas: The rowers or the Abandoned Outpost.

In this favor, one travels to various locations in Midgard to collect and combine a key that opens the door to a treasure room.

How to start Sigrún’s Curse in God of War Ragnarök

To start the Curse of Sigrún favor in God of War Ragnarök, you must travel to the Lake of Nine, north of Midgard. When venturing into the area, one should not take the obvious roads.

Instead, one should find the thorns and burn them with Kratos Chaos Blades. Then jump to the other cliff and head to the rowers’ area, where a small set of stairs leads to an open space.

In this room, the favor starts Sigrún’s curse while Kratos is busy defeating the enemies.

At the end of the room, Kratos can climb outside and face a mini-boss fight. The fight is challenging as many undead help the slayer. DefeatOnce she is defeated, use the chains to climb to the next area.

Once Kratos reaches the top, he encounters a giant chain that locks the gate. Pulling the chains opens a shortcut at the beginning of the level.

Now Kratos can go forward. Retrieve the first half of the broken Shadow Chamber Key and return through the shortcut to continue the quest for the second half.

Next, head south of the Midgard map to the Abandoned Outpost. There you continue the search for the second part of the Broken Key.

As you proceed, you’ll come across some of these wooden cranes that require Kratos’ Leviathan Axe to operate. You have to throw the ax at the golden round targets to move them to the right place.

However, a wooden crane seems to be too low and you have to find the chains to raise the mechanism.

After defeating a horde of powerful undead enemies, Kratos encounters a crane stuck inside the mountain. To free the elevator, find the chains and pull them down before throwing the ax to get it into position.

As soon as the crane has reached the right place, you can use the chains to pull it back up.

This is how Kratos gets the second half of the key (Half Key, Fjöturlund Tomb).

Kratos and his companions go in search of an abandoned treasure room that has to do with this key. This location is south of Midgard and is called The Lost Treasury. Upon reaching the area, you will be greeted by a horde of undead guarding a golden broken watch.

The clock is between Kratos and his treasure, so you should remove it. First, the clock with the Chaos Blades must be dragged to the left.

After that, climb onto the clock and continue to the left to the higher level. There you can loot hacksilver and objects.

Find the destroyed structural pillar and use the blades to drag it to the left so that it partially blocks the clock’s movement.

Now grab the clock again, slide it to the right as it won’t complete its movement, and reveal the locked door with its two locks on each side.

The mechanism in front of the clock can open both locks, but one should not leave them yet. First, have your companion fire a sealing arrow at each lock, then follow him with Kratos’ axe.

Once inside, the door closes again and the follower is locked outside. Turning the key next to the door will let her in.

The vault is covered with infected thorns. Again, the follower must shoot the seal arrow, but this time they must hit the blade’s seal. With the key you can enter the vault and defeat the last opponent.

Inside the Vault one learns the truth of Sigrún’s curse, and that is the end of this favor.

by Torge Christiansen

God Of War Ragnarök: Sigrún’s Bane – Guide

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