God of War Ragnarok: The Burning Skies Walkthrough

God of War Ragnarok: The Burning Skies Walkthrough

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The crater in God of War Ragnarök is full of favors. Finding the Burning Skies favor and defeating the Ash Tyrant is described here.

God of War Ragnarok The Burning Skies Walkthrough - God of War Ragnarok: The Burning Skies WalkthroughDespite being an optional area unrelated to the main God of War Ragnarok storyline, the Crater in Vanaheim is packed with many favors to complete, chests to open, and collectibles to find. Whether it’s learning more about what’s happening there or helping the spirits with their unfinished business, there’s a lot to be spent in the crater.

A goal in this area is to find and kill all the dragons that are destroying the ecosystem. This walkthrough shows how to kill the Ash Tyrant in the FavorThe burning skies‘ finds and kills.

How to start The Burning Skies

In God of War, to begin this favor, you must have Ragnarök The sinks enter. This area can only be accessed after completing the Creatures of Prophecy and Trail of Survival favors. Although you can start The Burning Skies, you can’t advance until you’ve completed the Return of the River favor in the jungle. Completing these favors grants access to previously unreachable locations in the crater.

Find the way to the dragon

open the gate

Once the dam is removed, you can explore The Depressions by boat. To reach the Ash Tyrant’s lair, you have to head north up the river. Halfway there is a gate in the way, so you have to moor where you see a blue flag. From there, head up the stairs and around where there is a chain holding the gate in place. After the gate is lowered, return to the boat and continue up the river.

Further upstream there is a place where you can dock a boat at the entrance of a cave. In this cave is a door that leads to a narrow passage. On the other side is the ash tyrant. From time to time he spits fire into the passage, so you should take cover in the small alcove nearby to avoid taking damage.

How to get past the Ash Tyrant

At first glance, it looks like the passage is just a dead end with a pile of rubble blocking the exit. In order to get closer to the ash tyrant, another way must be found. Near the alcove there is a pile of rocks that are connected to the Draupnir Spear can be destroyed. Once three spears penetrate the weak points, one can destroy the rock and open a path.

After killing the enemies standing in your way, you can move through the newly opened area and pull yourself up the ledge to get closer to the Cinder Tyrant. Use the Draupnir Spear to smash a nearby rock to get out of the passage. This causes several rocks to fall near the Ash Tyrant, forcing him to retreat. This will also open up an area that can be used to climb up the wall.

From there, look for a spot to climb another wall. This leads to the area where you can eventually fight the Ash Tyrant.

How to defeat the Ash Tyrant

While Ash Tyrant is a boss, it’s not nearly as difficult as Valkyrie Queen Gna or the Berserkers. Most of the Ash Tyrant’s attacks can be dodged if you’re fast enough. When the Ash Tyrant takes damage, it periodically flies onto a pillar where it cannot be harmed.

In order to bring him down, you must first kill all enemies in the arena. When all enemies are dead, a weak spot will appear on the pillar that the Ash Tyrant is sitting on. Once the weak point is destroyed with the Draupnir Spear, the Ash Tyrant lands on the ground and can be attacked again. This process repeats itself until the ash tyrant is finished. After the Ash Tyrant is killed, you will get 2x Dragon Claw, 40x Compound Leather, 20x Purified Crystal and the Amulet Spell Stamp of the Runestorm and the favor is complete.

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God of War Ragnarok: The Burning Skies Walkthrough

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