God of War Ragnarök: What Broken Runes Are For

God of War Ragnarök: What Broken Runes Are For

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In God of War Ragnarök there are many different res to be found across the nine worlds, including broken runes that have a unique function.

God of War Ragnarok What Broken Runes Are For - God of War Ragnarök: What Broken Runes Are ForGod of War Ragnarok picks up right where its 2018 predecessor left off. Kratos and his son Atreus continue to explore the Norse worlds as the menace of the gods and the doomsday prophecy of Ragnarök descend on them. This time all Nine Worlds can be explored, each of them offering a unique environment to explore.

Although God of War Ragnarök represents the culmination of Krato’s Norse saga, it builds on what players enjoyed from the first game, including light RPG elements through armor crafting and a variety of gear and abilities to switch between can. Much of the game focuses on moment-to-moment action, with Kratos being able to use multiple weapons to best suit the enemy types and environment.

Hacksilver is again one of the main res used for most upgrades, but while exploring the different worlds you’ll come across numerous items that come in handy when upgrading. One of these res, the Shattered Runes, appears to be handled differently than other items.

What are broken runes used for?

Unlike all other upgrade res in God of War Ragnarok, broken runes have no purpose other than to sell them. While they may not be terribly exciting, they’re a great way to get a large amount of Hacksilver, which is incredibly important for upgrading weapons, armor, and other gear. At higher levels, the cost of Hacksilver increases significantly, making selling broken runes all the more valuable and necessary.

In the Dwarven Forge you will find the “Sell” section. Under Res, Broken Runes can be sold in bulk, with the dwarves Brok or Sindri taking 50 Broken Runes for 5,000 Hacksilver. Therefore, it is not advisable to keep these items, but to sell them if possible.

Where to find broken runes in God of War Ragnarok

While exploring, you will encounter broken runes when opening chests and defeating enemies. There’s no easy or reliable way to find them, but by the end of God of War Ragnarök’s long campaign, you’ll probably be swimming in them.

The greatest chance of getting Broken Runes is by opening chests or defeating various world and sub-bosses, as many of them reward them. Additionally, God of War Ragnarök also has collectible Treasure Maps that are found randomly as you explore. With a picture and a small text, the task is set to find this place to get valuable rewards and res, including the already mentioned broken runes.

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God of War Ragnarök: What Broken Runes Are For

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